Holloween? A Discussion

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like what holloween is turining out to be. More people in our neighborhood celebrate it more than they do Christmas! When I used to go trick’ or ‘treating, it didn’t seem bad, but now that I know what it is all about, I really feel uncomfortable going out. I really do think … Read More

Priest, Prophet, King

Hey Everybody, I’m going to post this log on this site and www.catspaw007.blogspot.com since it’s actually for school. I know Daniel is probably going to be commenting soon, so I want to hear from you. Also give the link to Evan or anybody else for that matter. I had to write an essay on Christ as our priest, prophet, and … Read More


I noticed I haven’t really fully introduced myself. Tim’s Stats: Age: 14(1/2 😉 Height: 5’10” (I’m a tall 14teen year old) B-Day: 3.5.90 Hobbies: Sports, Web Design, Art(Comics), Interesting things about me: I play the piano, I sing in a praise group in my youth group, I live by the chesepeake, I don’t own a dog(boo hoo…really!), and I am … Read More

Today’s Game

/By Catspaw007/ /(copyright) 2004, Catspaw007/ It all started on this cold saturday morning on a muddy soccer field outside Annapolis. The two teams were facing off in a huge match. Last time these two teams had faced each other they had been forced to play 7 players on the field at once, due to the lack of players showing up. In a grueling … Read More

Red Card

Pre-Game–Teperatures were in the 30’s to 40’s this morning, about 10 minutes before game time. Everyone was warming up, but only few were warm. It looked like a hard head-to-head match, but “Team Orange” (team name, really!) looked like they had the advantage. Game-Time–The game started off with the ball being quickly stolen away from the opposing team and brought … Read More

Thursday Update

Okay, You may have noticed that my last post (Sharing Your Faith…With a Muslim) was on this blog, instead of Agent Commentaries. It was an accident on my part, and I will be switching it over to the other blog this weekend. Anyway. I’d love to hear your comments on it. I have soccer practice tonight, and after our fantastic … Read More

Monday Update

Happy Columbus Day to everybody! I’m working on a new site design, but it’s not going to be up anytime soon. So just hang tight, and I’ll have something soon. Watch my Commentaries from an agent of God blog, ’cause I’ve got a really cool “Aricle” about sharing Christ with Muslims, or anyone for that matter. I’m feeling a lot … Read More

Web Editing

Hello! I’m specifically talking to you Jake, but if anyone else wants to comment, feel free to do so. Okay, here are my questions: 1. I know you can edit the template on your blog, but how would I keep the “blog format” (I’ll explain more if you need me to), and make my own design. I want to be … Read More

Saturday Notes

Wow! What a day! I got up today at six for a my soccer game (which started at 7:55,…AM!) Well, my sacrifice of sleeping in paid off. After an embarrising goal made by the other team early in the first half(their center midfielder lofted it right over top of our goalie, I scored to tie the game at 1-1, by … Read More

Ex-Muslims for Christ

–Looks like a great sites by christian muslims (ex-muslims)– I’m looking deeper into it right now Muslims for Christ