Holloween? A Discussion

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like what holloween is turining out to be. More people in our neighborhood celebrate it more than they do Christmas! When I used to go trick’ or ‘treating, it didn’t seem bad, but now that I know what it is all about, I really feel uncomfortable going out. I really do think it is absolutely fine to go out, but is that the very best thing to do? I wish I could go out and all, but not this year.
Tomorrow night we’re going to my Grandma’s house to just eat and have games and stuff, so I won’t be missing out on anything. Plus, Friday night I went to the youth group costume party (and it got done way later than it was supposed to) and that was probably my holloween. They had a really cool “haunted” hay ride that was pretty creepy, but it was a lot of fun. One of our youth sunday school teachers own a farm, so he had everything all set up really nicely for the ride.
I can’t post the game stats quite yet, but I’ll tell you we were 2-2-3 this year(tied today). It was a REALLY funny day. The traffic was really bad by Annapolis High School because about 30,000 seniors were coming for flu shots. The line was HUGE! It was really a funny picture with all these people with walkers and canes and masks standing in a mile long line trying to get a flu shot.
The second funny thing was during the game, everybody else was getting slammed and slamming the other team, but when I leaped up beside a guy and bumped him, I got called! Oh, well…This was an exciting game, so you’ll have to “stay tuned” unitl I have enought time to write it up.

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