Red Card

Pre-Game–Teperatures were in the 30’s to 40’s this morning, about 10 minutes before game time. Everyone was warming up, but only few were warm. It looked like a hard head-to-head match, but “Team Orange” (team name, really!) looked like they had the advantage.
Game-Time–The game started off with the ball being quickly stolen away from the opposing team and brought down the field. After a shot or two, Team Orange was awarded a corner kick, which resulted in a heading of the ball into the goal. The goal was actually headed into the hands of the goalie, but his hands were inside the goal–1-nil.
Then, close to the end of the first half, the opposing team got a goal, which shouldn’t have happened. After missed opportunity after missed opportunity they maneuvered around our defense and scored on our goalie, whose view of the ball was blocked by his own defensemen. The score was now 1-1. Then I was called for dangerous play, because I kicked the ball while laying on the ground–Big no, no–Yellow card! The second half began with the score tied up at 1-1, and at kickoff our center booted the ball to our left halfback, who kicked it past the defense. The ball began to roll toward the goalie hands, and I sprinted to beat him to the ball. Unfortunely, I was late, and was called for “Charging the goalkeeper”. Red card!
For those of you who don’t know the rules of soccer, I’ll explain what happens with a “red card” and how you get it. First of all, a yellow card is awarded on your first offense of certain rules. Two yellow cards = a red card. A red card can also be awarded by itself, without two yellow cards, in serious offenses–Like charging the keeper. I technically got two yellows, but literally I got 3, since my second offense equaled two yellows. Now, a red card means simply this: You’re KICKED OUT OF THE GAME! I couldn’t believe it! I NEVER get kicked out of games. The sad thing is, I really didn’t deserve to get kicked out. –Player Commentary– As a soccer player, I think a red card is only worth getting if you do something REALLY bad, which I REALLY didn’t. If you get a red card, you’d hope you did something worth getting kicked out of the game for. BTW, I am NOT arguing with the call. The ref made a lot more good calls than bad.–End Player Commentary–. Well, anyway, It was still a great game. Oh, yeah! WE TIED 🙁 🙂 Injury is completely gone, so I’ve been feeling great this week
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