Steven Curtis Chapman!!!!

On sunday night, I got to go to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert!!!! Casting Crowns and Chris Tomlin were their and I gotta tell you how incredible it was. The worship was great with Chris; He had us swaying to the music and dancin’ to his gospel song (he’s from Texas). Casting Crowns was great too! Mark Hall is really … Read More

A picture of my mom’s…

A picture of my mom’s side of the family. I’ve got the green adn white shirt on. Standing towards the back. 

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re reading today, I might be posting some more pictures and other stuff! Tim

PA and Amish

Hello everyone! I’m back! We got up Monday morning (after safely making it through Sunday [no football] LOL) at 5:30 and drove 15 minutes to my grandparents to pick up my great-grandma (she’s 88) and then we met with my mom’s mom (my other grandparents) and drove with 14 people in our big blue 15-passenger van all the way to … Read More

Spoken By the Sky

Today in my devotions, I read from my EC’s (The weekend devs are really good). It started by telling the story of J.C. Savage, the inventor of the sky-writing airplanes. Since his invention, countless numbers of commercials, advertisements, and engagement proposals have been sketched across the sky. But even before Savage was born, the skies have already been used to … Read More