Steven Curtis Chapman!!!!

On sunday night, I got to go to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert!!!! Casting Crowns and Chris Tomlin were their and I gotta tell you how incredible it was. The worship was great with Chris; He had us swaying to the music and dancin’ to his gospel song (he’s from Texas). Casting Crowns was great too! Mark Hall is really a cool youth pastor! After they were done, I think everybody had almost forgotten the SCC was still going to do his concert. I thought that he wouldn’t beat the songs of Casting Crowns and Chris T. worship experience, but I was WRONG. Whew! We were really rockin’ and having a lot of fun! Everything was new, so it was really interesting and exciting.
During the intermission, I got a shirt that says “Chapman Guitars” on it, so I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow!
We got home at about midnight after stopping at Krispy Kreme (We went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner). It was a really cool night.
The business is coming along. Hopefully I’ll be able to buy some software soon. Backyard Graphic Design is coming soon.
I’m working on an article on tongues for Agent Commentaries.
Sprayz (Danny), my cousin, has a new blog, that I found interesting (and black LOL).
Have a great week,

PA and Amish

Hello everyone! I’m back!
We got up Monday morning (after safely making it through Sunday [no football] LOL) at 5:30 and drove 15 minutes to my grandparents to pick up my great-grandma (she’s 88) and then we met with my mom’s mom (my other grandparents) and drove with 14 people in our big blue 15-passenger van all the way to the Herrs chip factory. Oh, yeah, we also had an emergency bathroom brake (I won’t say any more just in case Danny’s reading 🙂 ). Then we went to this place in Lancaster that had an Amish house and movie theatre about the Amish. Very interesting. During the movie, they had this bell that ring half way through to wake you up. Whew! When that thing rang, it sounded like Independence Day all over again. An to top it off everybody wasn’t expecting it so we all had minor heart attacks. After the movie we went on a buggy ride. The manure was pretty bad, but you have to get used to it (I’m no country boy nor a city slicker, just a beach bum.) Then we all drove over to our hotel (Bird-in-Hand) and went swimming and played pool, (I lost when I scratched on the 8 ball). Then we ate a great dinner at the Smucker’s restaurant next door.
The next day we got up, ate breakfast at the Smucker’s restaurant. I managed to scald my throat with hot chocolate and come really close to spilling it all down my off-white shirt. Then we went to Sight and Sound theatres and watched “The Miracle of Christmas”. Then we went to eat lunch and go to the Outhouse (A gag store) and I bought this air shooter (Pictures coming soon hopefully) and fake roll of $100’s. Then we looked around at a store next door and drove home. It was a really fun trip!
Good things that I’m thankful that have happened the past two weeks:
–D.C. United won the MLS championship
–I still have all my teeth
–And school is (sort of) over for the week!
I can’t wait until tonight, ’cause we’re having a church Thanksgiving Eve FEAST! Always great fun, even though I usually can’ t eat anything the next day. Oh well!
In Christ,

Spoken By the Sky

Today in my devotions, I read from my EC’s (The weekend devs are really good). It started by telling the story of J.C. Savage, the inventor of the sky-writing airplanes. Since his invention, countless numbers of commercials, advertisements, and engagement proposals have been sketched across the sky.
But even before Savage was born, the skies have already been used to tell a different message. Psalm 19:1 says “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky proclaims teh work of his hands.” The heavens continue to announce and proclaim the majesty of God. The message of God is clear in every place on earth.
The devotional then went on to challenge me: “Look up Christian! God has given you a message to you taday. It’s spoken by the sky and it directs you to Him.”
God Bless,