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    I noticed this comment yesterday:
    “My original post that people are quoting is not
    actually about blogging but small groups. People seem
    to run with my use of blogging as an example of the
    power of releasing many people into proclamation roles
    and discipleship/teaching roles.”
    –Brad From 21stCesturyReformation on
    Did we misquote or twist his words? When I read his original post, I got the impression that he was talking about using blogs as a platform in which to preach the gospel, much like preachers during the Great Awakening. But he says that he was just using blogging as and example. Does he agree with what people are saying (what they interepreted from his post) about using blogs?
    And you must head over to the First Annual Evangelical Blog Awards. This is the most fantastic idea ever, because it seems like it could be the start for these
    blogs that are nominated to use their platforms to direct readers to “specialists” or “mini-metas” by linking to them. In this way we can begin the process that Razor Kiss had talked about. A number of larger blogs transferring traffic to smaller blogs, etc. This idea of a Blog Awards is really interesting, and I have gotten invlovled by suggesting another category: Best Christian Teen-Run Blog. I don’t know if Evangelical Underground will accept this new category, but I thought it was a good idea. Not because I am a running a blog and I’m a teen and I want to win. No– actually I know of some blogs (see the sidebar under links), that are far better than mine, and have some great writers. I will nominate them if they include this new category. And if you want to nominate me, don’t be afraid. LOL.

[UPDATE: EU Has a category for Best Evangelical Teen Blog now!]

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