Agent Tim Interviews

Here at Agent Tim, we’ve got five interviewees lined up–all teen bloggers ready to share a little about themselves. First off, we have Adrienne…. 1. What is the best thing about where you live? 2. What has been your most exciting experience? 3. What is the best book you’ve read in the last 12 months? 4. What do you want … Read More

International Interview!

I am now officially famous (well, not really). I’ve been asked by Catez of AllThings2All to answer some questions. I look forward to seeing what others say too. So here’s what happened. “I walk into the T.V. Studio, the lights glare down and I flash a smile and wave my hand to the live audience. I walk up to the … Read More

To Die For

In some of my recent posts, I have discussed a lot about Tongues and the receiving of the Holy Spirit. Most of these issues are debated a great deal in churches and faith circles. But I wish to say that I would not be willing to die for my view of tongues. It’s just not worth it. What’s worth dying … Read More

Agent Report: Snow Etc.

I took a break from blogging yesterday, and haven’t had much time today, but I wanted to do another Agent Report this week. I’ve been getting lots of feedback on my article. I even have gotten some opposing views–proving my article to be true! Also, I talked a friend of mine to start blogging. He’s started off well, and he’s … Read More

Tongues Again

I have lately been studying the topic of speaking in tongues, mostly in reference to Adrian Warnock’s“simple gospel.” The poor guy is having his wife’s gospel presentation ripped to shreds by the blogshprere, and I came so close to accepting the presentation. But I do not believe the charismatic viewpoint displayed in the last step. (My response has been dubbed … Read More

Virtue Magazine Issue #4

Virtue Magazineis now out! Please lend them some support by reading. You will find some really interesting articles in this issue, many of which touch on some very controversial issues that are sure to be debated. So stop by and read this new awesome magazine.


I was mentioned on Adrian Warnock’s UK Evangelical Blog: The nine point gospel?. Thanks!

Saving Life

[UPDATE: TERRI’S TIME HAS BEEN EXTENDED AGAIN] The roundup or bloggers has closed. But I want the blogstorm to continue. So I will continue. (More info here) Life. It’s so precious, so valuable. Yet we throw it away like its trash every day in out country. On Tuesday, Terri Shiavo will have her feeding tube unplugged. They will basically starve … Read More

I Dare You!

What a statement. So powerful. So amazing. It is a statement that brings our attention to the speaker, and challenges us. We want to show people that we can do it. Many times, people (mostly kids), will dare another kid to do something. It is usually bad, but in the case of William Danforth’s book, “I Dare You!”, these dares … Read More

Living the Life

My Great-Grandpa and Grandma, while in seminary, heard the seminary president’s wife speak to all the pastors and their wives. She challenged all of them to “Live in such a way that every Mother can point to you and say to her children, ‘I want you to be just like him.’” What a challenge! What kind of life are you … Read More