Her Last Hours…

Spunky Jr. is writing some thoughts on whether or not Christ would want us to storm in and “kidnap” Terri. Good stuff.
A friend of mine started a blog, called “Voice in the Wilderness. He’s going be good, looking at this quote from his intro…

I am a homeschooled Bible believing Christian who could care less what anyone thinks about me.

Jeb Bush seems to be running out of options…
Jay Sekulow via World Net Daily:

“Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, said that by requesting permission from Judge Greer, Bush appears to have limited his options.
“By going to the court you set yourself up for a difficult problem, because if Jeb Bush were to send in the police now, he would set up the risk for contempt of court,” Sekulow said in an interview on the Sean Hannity radio show today.
Sekulow said that while sympathetic, as an officer of the court, he could not advise Bush to defy the judge.

But Dr. D. James Kennedy urged Bush to take action:

“He must disregard the order of Judge Greer…He has both the authority and the duty to do so under the state constitution.”

I couldn’t believe it! Barbara Mculski, our liberal Maryland Senator, supports Terri:

“This is a terrible tragedy. There was no living will and the family was divided…I felt that it was appropriate under these unique circumstances that the court take one last look at this.”

(Washington Post)

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