Terri, God Has A Plan

UPDATE: 2:55 EST March 22 The new injuction was denied and now the Schindlers are not going to the Supreme Court, but are rather have asked a full federal appeals court in Atlanta to review the previous decision to not reinstate Terri Schiavo’s tube. More info here and here. Keep praying on this situation. Also, protesters are threatening to risk arrest by and attempt to give Terri a cup of water. A protester has already been arrested. It may happen later this afternoon. This is just symbolic, not an attempt that will work.
Time is running short as the Schindlers have said that Terri is “fading fast.” Please keep her in continued prayer, as well as her family. Even Michael. Pray for your enemies.

Well, the battle goes on. You?ve heard the story of the Schindlers attorney filing a request for an emergency injunction with a federal district court in Tampa, Florida. The war goes on as the judge has said that he will not make an immediate ruling on the case. Not good news as I?ve heard news that Terri may have an infection, and may pass away sooner than expected (Reported on Pro-Life Blogs). Time is running short in this case of life and death. Especially now that that injuction has been denied and a new one has been filed. They will be working into the night on this one. It?s amazing.

?Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me, your rod and your staff they comfort me??

God has a will for Terri. He?s in control of the situation. His hand is on all that goes on. He can use this situation to teach us. I believe God is sovereign over all things and that he has a plan for you, me, and for those in situations like Terri?s. He is an amazing God.

?/ Indescribable, Uncontainable,/
/You placed the stars in the sky/
/And You know them by name/
/You are amazing God/
/All powerful, untamable/
/You see the depths of my heart /
/And you love me the same/
/You are amazing God/ ?
(Chris Tomlin, ?Indescribable?)

Also, it seems that Micheal has invited the President and Gov. Bush to meet Terri. It would be awesome if they did do that and Terri responded to them. But Michael may have her sedated or she may be too far-gone when they meet her. But nonetheless, it would be an awesome thing. And as you can see, Michael is changing his strict rule of no visitors. What?s up with that? It seems very, very odd to me.
I also found that the Larry King transcript included Terri?s sister Suzanne Vitadamo?s commentary on the situation and I?ve reprinted it below. It also included David Gibbs. I found some of her comments VERY interesting. (AIlmost as much as Michael Schiavo?s comments in my last post.)

KING: Joining us now in Tampa, Florida, Susanne Vitadamo. She is Terri Schiavo’s sister. And David Gibbs, the Schindler family attorney.
Suzanne, where were you when they pulled the feeding plug?
SUZANNE VITADAMO, TERRI SCHIAVO’S SISTER: Larry, I was in the room prior to that. And I was asked to leave the room while they pulled Terri’s feeding tube. And I waited a couple hours and went back in. I was with her from 8:30 in the morning until I left at 5:00.
KING: Why do you want your sister’s wishes not listened to?
VITADAMO: Well first, we don’t believe Terri had those wishes. We knew Terri, obviously, better than Michael did. Those wishes surfaced several years after a medical malpractice suit. I mean, we’re talking many years later. They’re hearsay with Michael and two of his family members. And they surfaced late. And we don’t believe Terri ever wanted to die.
And secondly, we don’t believe Terri is in the condition some doctors are saying she’s in. We see Terri as a vibrant, fairly healthy, except she’s severely brain damaged.
But she needs help, Larry. She hasn’t had therapy since 1993. She’s disabled. She needs help. She’s trying to talk. And we want to get her the help she needs as a disabled woman.
KING: David, Michael’s point and his attorney’s point, you’ve lost in the Florida courts, you’ve lost in the United States Supreme Court. So as I ask Michael why he continues, why do you continue?
DAVID GIBBS, SCHINDLER FAMILY ATTORNEY: Because it’s the right thing to do, Larry. When you look at a mother and a father, when you look at Bob and Mary Schindler and they say, David, is there anything we can do to keep our daughter, a daughter of 41 years that we love dearly. A Bob and Mary Schindler would trade places with Terri in a second if they could. They would give up their health, they would give up their energy to allow Terri to be well. They say, can you help us save our daughter.
And in a life and death case like this, Larry, everything reasonable that can be done. I mean, the Congress has recognized it, the president has recognized it, the Vatican has recognized it, religious and leaders across the nation have recognized it, Governor Bush has recognized it. This is just flat wrong. We are starving to death an innocent, disabled woman. It’s unAmerican
KING: We are a nation of law.
GIBBS: Law needs to be moral. It needs to be guided by what’s right.
KING: Your morality may not be my morality.
GIBBS: But I think killing a disabled woman is something that’s always been against the law. I mean, going back to the ten commandments, thou shalt not kill. And we’re in a situation where an innocent disabled woman is facing a barbaric death. And it’s something that needs to be stopped.
KING: Suzanne, what is Michael’s point if she didn’t tell him that? What is his point in wanting this done? How does he gain by it, Suzanne?
VITADAMO: You know, Larry, I don’t know. There’s quite a bit of speculation out as to why he is so bent on killing Terri. You know, Michael has his family now. We agree that this is a family decision. But we are Terri’s family. He has a fiancee and children, we’re asking him to take care of his family and let us take care of ours.
KING: So, you don’t — you can’t figure out a motive?
VITADAMO: As I said, there’s speculation out there that I’ve heard running around. There might be maybe — we have evidence that something may have happened pretty ugly the night that she collapsed.
And, you know, again, he received quite a bit of money back in ’93. And it was shortly after that he remembered these so-called wishes that we honestly don’t believe. So, let everybody else maybe put something together and figure out why he’s doing this because we certainly, you know, — it really doesn’t make any sense.
KING: When the incident occurred, it was fully investigated, wasn’t it?
KING: It was not?
VITADAMO: Terri — we do not at this point know why Terri collapsed. Her heart did stop, but she did not have a heart attack. And she did not. It has not been proven that she’s had an eating disorder which I’ve heard. So, we asked for an investigation. And to this day have not gotten one. But again, we don’t know why she collapsed that night.
GIBBS: (Talks about Congress? power)

No investigation. In other words, we really do not know why Terri collapsed 15 years ago. This situation gets more and more mysterious as I further investigate. What really happened on that night? Was it really an eating disorder? Who claimed it was an eating disorder? And even now, Michael does not want an investigation to see if his wife truly is in a vegetative state (which from many facts we can see that she is not, and that her condition can be corrected, or at least made better.) The point of letting someone go is when there is no hope. Nothing at all can help them. They are passing away, and we see that God is calling them home. But Terri and many others like her are not dying. She is living. She can live. She was not dying. And now she is.
We praying for you Terri.

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