The Battle Continues

UPDATE 9:10 PM EST March 24 Schindlers are running out of options but are working hard to save Terri. Some info here. Stay tuned to FOX for the latest updates.
UPDATE 12:25 PM EST March 24 The high court unanimously denied hearing Schindlers appeal. Gov. Bush had filed for custody, going the legal route, but that has been denied by Judge Greer. Jeb Bush needs to get to work.
World Net Daily said that “The possible “rescue” scenario emerged today with Schiavo now in her sixth day without food or water. Florida’s DCF indicated it might remove the brain-injured woman, by force if necessary, from the hospice where she has lived the past five years.”
Force. Wow, that sounds extreme…but take a look at this photo via Smarthomeschool. Now that’s pretty cool. Great job, kid. We’re with you.
11:00 PM EST (last night)…Shindlers take their battle to the supreme court…Justice Anthony Kennedy will be the first to consider the appeal. He will choose to act himself or refer the case to the entire court. (Kennedy was appointed by Reagan.)
As I said yesterday, the group of protesters did attempt to bring water to Terri and were arrested.
Fox News…

“When I close my eyes at night, all I can see is Terri’s face in front of me, dying, starving to death,” Mary Schindler (search) said outside her daughter’s Pinellas Park hospice. “Please, someone out there, stop this cruelty. Stop the insanity. Please let my daughter live.”

What happened on Wednesday…a wrap up…
A three-judge panel from the Atlanta 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the Shindlers early Wednesday, then hours later the full court refused to reconsider.
Gov. Bush and Florida’s social services agency filed a petition to take custody of Terri Schiavo.

“It cites new allegations of neglect and challenges Schiavo’s diagnosis as being in a persistent vegetative state. The request is based on the opinion of a neurologist working for the state who observed Schiavo at her bedside but did not conduct an examination of her.”

Judge Greer will decide by Noon today.
The Florida Legislature also attempted once again to save Terri by trying to pass a bill, that was rejected by the Senators.
I believe Congress is doing great by filing papers to the Supreme Court arguing that the 11th circuit court had “failed to adhere to the plain meaning” of their emergency legislation. The legislation required courts to “ensure that desperately needed nutritional support” for Terri. And they haven’t done it. Impeach them.
People, time is running short. We can’t wait a moment. In this scramble, we must pray, and blog. Believe me, it’s making a difference. Congratulations to the tail for starting a blog wave. Let’s finish this thing understanding that God has a plan, he is sovereign. His will is perfect, and he will use whatever happens in the end of this story that we are taking part of.
As I read in my devotions today, we spend so much time praying for revival and never doing anything about it. I praise God that I can use words on a page to make a difference will thousands of others around the globe. We need to go farther than prayer. We need to start a revival. It’s totally and completely up to us whether we have one or not.
Praying for you Terri, your parents, family, friends, and those trying to save your life. God Bless.

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  1. Agent Tim

    In retrospect, I do wonder if the Bible would call for such an act. Would God want us to forcefully break in to a hospital and “kidnap” Terri?
    But in my heart, I do want to do something. I believe it would be like risking your life to save someone who is dying instead of just leaving them there. It’s a hard topic, and I hope someone blogs on it .

    God Bless,

  2. Spunky Jr

    You raise a good point Tim. I was thinking the same thing. Would it be right to do that as a Christian…

    It is a hard topic…why don’t you blog about it? Or me?
    PS Maybe I will

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