“We didn’t know what Terri wanted, but this is what we want…”

Those were the words of Micheal Schiavo on the Larry King Show, (March 18, 2005.) (HT; Nick Queen via Blogotional. I do not believe this quote was taken out of context. Here is some clips that are of some interest and I will reprint in their entirety for your convenience:

KING: And Everyone keeps saying, Michael, I’ll ask George in a minute, even if she said to you, I don’t want to live like this, which is the reason you’ve been doing this, so what? If she’s not in pain and the parents want her to be alive and you’re no longer involved, so what? Why not keep her alive?
M. SCHIAVO: Because this is what Terri wanted. This is her wish.
You know something, Larry, I feel like the government. What I’m here for tonight is I’m going to tell you — I feel like the government has just trampled all over my personal life. It is uncomprehensible that a government can walk all over somebody’s private judicial matter, because of their own personal feelings.
…(some quotes removed…)
KING: Now they have asked, Michael, the United States Supreme Court, to sort of put a stay on this, Justice Anthony Kennedy has jurisdiction over emergency appeals. Tom DeLay said they’re going to do all they can in Congress. Why is that wrong if that is their heartfelt feelings, if they’re just trying to, in their opinion, preserve a life?
GEORGE FELOS, ATTORNEY FOR MICHAEL SCHIAVO: Well, Larry, let me answer that.

FELOS: Each and every one of us in this country has a constitutional right to refuse medical treatment they don’t want. Terri exercised that right. She made her statements clear. A court has found evidence to be convincing.
And just because Tom DeLay and cohorts in Washington don’t like Terri’s choice, doesn’t mean the federal government can make medical treatments decisions for you.
We received a subpoena today from the House of Representatives saying Terri is a witness in an investigation, force-feed her against her will. That is just an outrageous abuse of government power. And everyone in this country should be alarmed about that. They ought to be writing their Congressmen and senators, and say — telling them, please let Terri die in peace. This is a private matter, it’s been reviewed for years, the Congress just has no place in this.
KING: Hold it Michael — on hearsay, George, thought, the only word that she said that is Michael’s, right, George?
FELOS: No. That’s not correct. Because she made those statements to her best friend, Joan and also to her brother-in-law. There were three witnesses and numerous statements to those witnesses over different periods of time. I don’t want to be kept alive artificially. No tubes for me. I want to go when my time comes. If I ever had to be dependent upon anyone, I wouldn’t want to live that way.
I mean, Terri made her wishes clear. And that’s what the court found.
M. SCHIAVO: And this is the problem…
KING: Why do you undergo, Michael, all that pressure. I’m back to that again. OK. It was a wish. If she’s not in pain — and by the way, she’s not artificially being kept alive in that sense, she’s not in a comma. She’s being fed. Again, I come back to, all right. Give it up.
M. SCHIAVO: I won’t give it up. Terri is my life. I’m going to carry out her wishes to the very end. This is what she wanted. It’s not about the Schindlers, it’s not about me, not about Congress, it’s about Terri.

Governor Bush, he’s only doing this for votes. And I urge everybody out there, call your Congress, call your House legislators, call your House representatives in Washington and tell them to stay out of our personal business. They’re going to be running everybody’s life.
KING: Michael, what do you expect to happen? Congress is in recess now, they have to come back into special session. The Supreme Court could put a stay on it. What do you think is going to happen?
M. SCHIAVO: I don’t think the Supreme Court is going to put a stay on it. And I hope and implore that everybody call their legislators. They have to stay out of people’s personal lives. There’s no place for government. Call them and tell them.
KING: Have you had any contact with the family today? This is a sad day all the way around, Michael. We know of your dispute.
M. SCHIAVO: I’ve had no contact with them.
KING: No contact at all?
KING: Do you understand how they feel?
M. SCHIAVO: Yes, I do. But this is not about them, it’s about Terri. And I’ve also said that in court. We didn’t know what Terri wanted, but this is what we want…
KING: You’re not — it didn’t cost you anything. This is not something where you’re looking to save money?
M. SCHIAVO: No. There’s no money involved. We need to move on from that question. That question has been asked me 50 million times. There is no money!
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I’d really love to hear what Mr. Schiavo meant by that comment. It seems that he messed up and his lawyer is now having to cover for him. Bad news all the way.
UPDATES can be found HERE

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  1. Spunky Jr. says:

    I read that interview somewhere else, but it was good to re-read it. It’s so sad that Mr. Schiavo is trying to take her life.
    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve prayed today.

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