Family and Friends

Well, what do you know! I have a new cousin! And it’s a girl! She was born early this morning, and weighs 7lbs. 5 oz. Her name is Hannah Grace. Congratulations to my Aunt and Uncle!

Also, today, I have decided to reveal some of my latest investigations.


They died for our freedom. A freedom that is too great to be buried in history books, as Jimmy Stewart put it in “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.” Freedom is there, all lit up at night in D.C., gleaming in the sunlight in the daytime. The Capitol dome, the Washington Monument, the Supreme Court. Every monument points to those who have died for our freedom, the freedom we enjoy each and every day.

And we must never forget such a thing as that. We need to hold that thought up in front of us every day, and say “I’m Free.”

Owen Gets Confirmation Vote

WASHINGTON (AP) — The filibuster fight over for now, the Senate finally is ready to confirm Priscilla Owen as a federal judge, ending a four-year effort by Democrats to derail one of President Bush’s prime judicial nominees.

It wasn’t easy for Owen, 50, to get to this point. The Texas Supreme Court justice was subjected to nine hours of hearings, answered more than 500 questions and endured 22 days of floor debate.

Senators Compromise?

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a dramatic reach across party lines, Senate centrists agreed Monday night on a compromise that clears the way for confirmation of many of President Bush’s stalled judicial nominees, leaves others in limbo and preserves venerable filibuster rules. (RVJ)

14 Sentors, 7 from each side signed an agreement that pledged lawmakers to “mutual trust and confidence.”

Full Post complete. Includes cartoon.

Some Sketches

I’ve always enjoyed art, especially cartoons, and lately have been enjoying editorial, or political, cartoons. I’ve been messing around and making lots of sketches and decided that you can take a look and help me with some captions.

The following pictures are not all completed, so you’re basically staring into my sketchbook, instead of seeing the finished image first.

Foleygate: It’s All For Naught

Linda Foley, President of the Newspaper Guild did a Eason Jordan just last week, claiming that US Troops Military was killing journalists.

“Jordan, CNN’s chief news executive, suggested at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland that some of the 63 journalists killed in Iraq had been specifically targeted by U.S. troops. Jordan quickly backed off his suggestion, but constant exposure from political weblogs led to his resignation. He also admitted last year that CNN withheld news of atrocities taking place in Iraq under the regime of Saddam Hussein because the network was afraid it might lose access to the country.(WND)”