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Well, what do you know! I have a new cousin! And it’s a girl! She was born early this morning, and weighs 7lbs. 5 oz. Her name is Hannah Grace. Congratulations to my Aunt and Uncle!

Also, today, I have decided to reveal some of my latest investigations.

This investigation actually involves bloggers. It seems that whole households blog. It’s not joke.

It’s almost scary. I mean, how do you find the time to blog when you have six bloggers waiting to use the computer? Well, it seems Pruitt Communications has been able to do it. I’d sure like to know how many computers they have in the house! He has his wife blogging, his first child, his second, his third, and fourth! And they are all girls (well, except for Dad).

It’s also been rumored that this family knows the JollyBlogger personally. Maybe he has something to do with it?

There is also another blogging family! Spunky Homeschool has three of her kids who are blogging! One of them is Junior, and the others are Marines…well, young marines.

Well, there is Spunky, that’s the mom. Then there’s Spunky Junior, she’s the daughter. And there’s the Adrenalin, he’s the son. And Semper Fi, he’s the other son!

The rumor is that both families homeschool. I can’t believe how many homeschoolers blog! When I first started, I didn’t really think that was a factor in blogging, and didn’t think that there were that many bloggers who were homeschooling or were homeschooled. Boy was I wrong.

If you vist any of these sites, be sure to drop them a note: “I visited from Agent Tim Online.” That will be fun.

3 responses to “Family and Friends”

  1. Spunky says:

    Wer’re not homeschooling, we’re blog schooling!


  2. Travis says:

    Hey Tim!

    Just dropping you a note from Boys State! 😀 I might be blogging a bit this week after all!

    God bless,
    The Blogging Boy Scout,

  3. Catez says:

    That JollyBlogger eh…

    Trackback if you have time Tim – what a crack up!

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