Some Sketches

I’ve always enjoyed art, especially cartoons, and lately have been enjoying editorial, or political, cartoons. I’ve been messing around and making lots of sketches and decided that you can take a look and help me with some captions.

The following pictures are not all completed, so you’re basically staring into my sketchbook, instead of seeing the finished image first.


I love this guy. He’s a neat looking super-hero who needs a name or caption. Does he look like anyone you know?


This is just a page from my sketchbook that needs words and some touch-ups. I wonder what the bully type of guy is saying? Or the little guy? Is he a blogger perhaps?


This sketch is one of my favorites, and it will be when I’ve completed it. It speaks for itself.


This guy is just flat out cool. And he needs a caption…get your brains running and your sense of humor going too.

3 responses to “Some Sketches”

  1. Kristin says:

    Cool cartoons!

  2. David Ketter says:

    Very cool…art and music have always been something I didn’t take to that well…even though I’ve made attempts at it. (I THINK I can sing a little, but never really got an expert opinion). Keep up the good work!


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