Almost Home…

The Mission Trip is winding down. Agent Tim tells us how they spent their last full day in CA. He says he misses something, but looking at the condition of what he misses, maybe he doesn’t quite remember it the way he thinks he does! Please pray for them as they travel across country today.

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MIssion Update: Things Are Lookin’ Up!

Agent Tim and his roommates are lookin’ up–to the rooftops! Enjoy this report about some of the work that is being done, and a special announcement from the Agent that won’t surprise you at all. Apologies for part of the post breaking up. That’s the beauty of cell phones. When doing audio posts, they don’t have the joy of asking, “Can you hear me now?” LOL!

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Mission Report: Interviews

Safely in L.A. (with his guitar, by the way), Agent Tim is asking the questions, “Who are you praying for on the trip?” and “Why would you give up part of your summer to go on a mission trip?” How will the mission team respond? Listen and learn! How would you respond? What are you giving up this summer for Jesus’ sake?

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Gone Fishin’…for men, that is

Agent Tim is on assignment for the kingdom of God. He hopes to regularly post audio updates. Please pray for him and his team. Feel free to leave comments…he’d love to know that you are listening!

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2nd Update:

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