Gone Fishin’…for men, that is

Agent Tim is on assignment for the kingdom of God. He hopes to regularly post audio updates. Please pray for him and his team. Feel free to leave comments…he’d love to know that you are listening!

CA Mission Trip audio post - click to hear Agent Tim

2nd Update:

this is an audio post - click to play

4 responses to “Gone Fishin’…for men, that is”

  1. Alex King says:

    This is great Tim! I’m looking forward to hearing all the updates on your trip.

    Call in like the democrats vote – often! 😉

  2. David Ketter says:

    You make me envious by even STANDING in Atlanta…awesome place – much better than Cali 😉 …

    prayin’ for yinz!

  3. This is awesome, Tim! Watch out for earthquakes in California!

  4. Travis says:

    Hey Tim!

    Have a great time Tim, may the Lord bless your efforts on His behalf.

    The Blogging Boy Scout,

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