Mission Report: Interviews

Safely in L.A. (with his guitar, by the way), Agent Tim is asking the questions, “Who are you praying for on the trip?” and “Why would you give up part of your summer to go on a mission trip?” How will the mission team respond? Listen and learn! How would you respond? What are you giving up this summer for Jesus’ sake?

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4 responses to “Mission Report: Interviews”

  1. David Ketter says:

    Awesome…Great to see youth sold out for God and His Work!

  2. Tracey R says:

    Thanks Tim! What a great idea. I will be checking your site to see how you all are doing. I know God is going to do awsome things with all of you. I’m believing you will all come home changed for the better. Tell Logan we love him.

  3. Travis says:

    Keep up the good work Tim. 😀

    The Blogging Boy Scout,

  4. Logan says:

    Ha! Ha! That was way cool to hear my voice on your site! And that was a great trip, it went by way too fast. Can’t belive we are already home. Well keep up the good work!

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