!@#$: For Christian Use?

Cotton, police, dogs, plastic bags, a large book, a wallet, CD’s, microphones, grass, cheese, a piano, and codfish. What do all these items have in common with one another?

The Unaswerable Question

The past few days two things have been on my mind: I’ve been thinking about humility, and I’ve been thinking about the statement “leaving out the bad and taking the good” in the case of watching things and reading things. You can take, for example, Harry Potter. I’m sure you can find something good about the books–but is it worth …

Wednesday Ramblings: No Filler, This Is Hard Stuff

I guess you could say that my last post was quite a success. I really enjoyed writing it…even though it took two days! Maybe I can start linking to people that way. Sort of like “If you get into Agent Tim’s mind, you get linked.” That might be pretty fun. Right now in D.C., we’re working to beat the heat. …

How Blogging Has Affected My Life

I hate blogging about blogging, so I will assure you that this post is not your regular post on blogging. No, it’s more about my life. Just recently, I’ve begun to notice that in almost everything I do, I begin to remember a blog…it’s like I relate things to blogs. So I’ve compiled a list.

Homeschool Apologetics

An interesting article popped up on the web recently, and thanks to “Spunky spotting“, I’m doing a response. Dave Arnold, head custodian at Browstown Elementary in Southern Illinois, says that homeschools are run by well-meaning amatuers.

Why I Come Back

People are constantly blogging about blogging. Usually they’re struggling with a small readership, or lack of motivation. So they usually ask themselves: “What makes people come back to my site?” Well, the certainly might be a good question that can help you in some ways, but I believe there is a better question.

We Like Him…We Really Do.

“As Deputy Solicitor General, Roberts argued in a brief before the U.S. Supreme Court (in a case that did not implicate Roe v. Wade) that “[w]e continue to believe that Roe was wrongly decided and should be overruled…. [T]he Court’s conclusion in Roe that there is a fundamental right to an abortion…finds no support in the text, structure, or history …

Live Blogging: President’s Announcement

It’s coming in 8 minutes. It’s…John Roberts!!! Now let’s confirm him! “Most distinguished and talented attorneys in America.” Biography goes on… Bush is “Deeply impressed…he has a ‘good heart.’” Justice is speaking: “Deeply honored…grateful…” “A dignified confirmation process” is coming? October? It’s done.

A Response To Robert’s: He’s The Man

Last UPDATE: See more on Roberts at Michelle Malkin’s site. And STILL MORE UPDATE 2: Roberts is consistent conservative. A “lawyers lawyer.” Exactly the person Bush said he nominate. He’s the one. UPDATE: Is it all for show? Are they just throwing us off the trail? Did the White House source really say what he said? Will we all gasp …