How Blogging Has Affected My Life

I hate blogging about blogging, so I will assure you that this post is not your regular post on blogging. No, it’s more about my life.

Just recently, I’ve begun to notice that in almost everything I do, I begin to remember a blog…it’s like I relate things to blogs. So I’ve compiled a list.

Your sitting there, watching the O’Reilly Factor. You remember Michelle Malkin (who subs)!

You switch the channel, and suddenly you’re watching the history channel special on radio shows. You think of Hugh Hewitt!

You decide to get up and take a break. The phone rings, so you walk over, and pick up the reciever:

“Hey, I was wondering what your opinion of homeschooling is?”

You talk for 30 minutes about homeschooling, and while you’re at it, you suggest reading Spunkyhomeschool. Go figure. And why not her daughter too?

You decide to go back into your room, and switch the TV back on. There in front of you is the news headlines: Terrorists attack London. Who do you think of? Adrian Warnock.

The show ends…up next: Adventures in New Zealand. Allthings2All.

Well, things are getting crazy, so you go to your library to pick out a book, and you notice that The Purpose Driven Life is sitting on your desk. Your first thought is Tim Challies!

After reading a few chapters, you go down stairs to watch a television special with your family.

“What is this again?”

“Oh…it’s a history of the CIA.”

You remember Agent Tim.

After the show, you start talking to a family member about African American conservatives. La Shawn Barber. The conversation turns to Natalie Holloway…you think of Scared Monkeys.

Then you start tallking about teens and movies. The Political Teen.

Next Day: Your first thought.

“I wonder how many times Blogotional posted today?”

Not many, I’m sure.

The day goes on as usual. After work, you drive past a large stand selling Fireworks…Pyromaniac rushes into your mind. As soon as you start thinking about him, you see a large amount of people holding signs up on the side of the street.

“Why, it’s a demonstration!”

It’s about the War in Iraq…you think of Iraq The Model.

Well, after that experience, you go home and your kid asks you if he can become a boy scout.

Better as the Blogging Boy Scout about his experiences.

Then you start to wonder about your blog design…so you go on your computer and head to Mission 3:16’s and Smarthomeschool’s StillThinking.

Any more you can add?

8 responses to “How Blogging Has Affected My Life”

  1. Spunky Jr. says:


    What a great post! Believe it or not, I sometimes do that!! LOL!!!

  2. David Ketter says:

    And when you’re hurting for a debate, you go over to The Account and find something (or someone) you don’t agree with (I’m sure there is at least one thing – or person).


  3. Spunky says:

    Great job! and I’m “still thinking” up mine. If I “drudge” anything up I’ll be sure to offer my “2 cents”


  4. Jake says:

    GREAT post Tim! Starting to sound more like the old AgentTim I used to laugh with/at all the time on blogspot. 🙂

    BTW, thanks for the (multiple) plug(s).

  5. Catez says:

    Very good Tim. Goodness – people think of me… (I need to fix my make-up and do my hair)

  6. Travis says:

    WOW! Great post man! That is incredible! Thanks for the link! Totally awesome!

    The Blogging Boy Scout,

  7. John says:

    Brilliant post Tim!

    I was watching a pirate movie and couldn’t stop thinking of Jollyblogger!


  8. rev-ed says:

    Tim, you seem to have a problem with your Attention Span… 😉

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