Roughing Up Rice and Roberts

During another solemn day in Britain, we have more news. But first, please note may editorial cartoon on the header. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Now on to business.

During a recent visit to Sudan, the site of a huge genocide, Condoleeza Rice recieved a rather cold welcome.

Fox News reports:

“Security forces in the Sudanese capital manhandled U.S. officials and reporters traveling with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, marring her round of meetings with leaders of the new unified government. Rice demanded an apology, and got it.


“It makes me very angry to be sitting there with their president and have this happen,” she said. “They have no right to push and shove.”

The welcoming party was a little less than welcoming.

Twice, Sudanese guards’ hostility toward members of Rice’s entourage devolved into shouts and shoving.

As Rice’s motorcade arrived at the residence, armed guards slammed the gate shut before three vehicles could get in, including those carrying Rice’s interpreter and other aides who were supposed to attend her meeting with [Sudanese President Omar] el-Bashir .

When the officials were finally allowed through the gate, some found themselves barred from entering the building for the meeting. As Rice senior adviser Jim Wilkinson tried to get in, guards repeatedly pushed and pulled him, and at one point he was shoved into a wall.”

Sounds like they really wanted to make an impression, and they most certainly did. Condi was less than warm in her response to the shoving.

Of course…

Ambassador Khidair Haroun Ahmed, head of the Sudanese mission in Washington, attempted to smooth over the situation on the spot. “Please accept our apologies,” he told the reporters and aides. “This is not our policy.”


But there was another scuffle moments later.

Reporters, whom guards reluctantly allowed into the meeting for a planned photo session, were harassed and elbowed, and guards repeatedly tried to rip a microphone away from a U.S. reporter. The reporters were told not to ask questions, over State Department objections.

When NBC diplomatic reporter Andrea Mitchell tried to ask el-Bashir about his involvement with alleged atrocities, guards grabbed her and muscled her toward the rear of the room. State Department officials shouted at the guards. “Get your hands off her!” Wilkinson demanded. But all the reporters and a camera crew were physically forced out as Rice and el-Bashir watched.”

Makes you want to be really friendly with these guys. It’s obvious that they are terrorists who truly have killed thousands of their own people. It’s amazing and downright awful that they would treat our people like this!

On the other hand, Bush’s nominee John Roberts seems to have recieved a warm welcome into D.C., by both sides. But of course, the opposition is beginning to arise:

“President Bush nominated this corporate lawyer to add to the right-wing activist block of [Justices] Scalia and Thomas,” said Eli Pariser, executive director of “Instead of a mainstream jurist with a distinguished career as someone who protects the rights of the American people, Bush chose another right-wing crony.”

Mainstream as in pro-choice or pro-abortion. For gay rights. Against the death penalty?


People, do you really expect Bush to nominate a liberal judge? Or even moderate?

This man is a fair judge, as shown by his past. He will not rule from the bench. This man is the right man for the judge. We’re so glad we’ve got a conservative judge, and we hope he’s like Scalia and Thomas.

“The nomination of John G. Roberts raises serious questions and grave concerns for women’s health and safety. It is particularly troubling that Roberts went on the record calling for Roe v. Wade to be overturned when he served as a lawyer for the government,” said Karen Pearl, interim president of PPFA . “Only a nominee committed to protecting women’s health and safety should be confirmed by the Senate.”

No!!! Not true. My follow up to this post should explain better, but that’s not true.

“Judge Roberts has a track record of not legislating from the bench. He recognizes the constitutional role of the judiciary and the genius of the separation of powers between the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government,” said ALEC Executive Director Duane Parde.”

Yep. That’s right.

Go Roberts, he’s the man. I predict Luttig to be next. Also, check out this Op-Ed on Roberts.

(Also, the rumour was that Luttig’s family was dressed up the other day, not Roberts…my mistake.)

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