Wednesday Ramblings: No Filler, This Is Hard Stuff

I guess you could say that my last post was quite a success. I really enjoyed writing it…even though it took two days! Maybe I can start linking to people that way. Sort of like “If you get into Agent Tim’s mind, you get linked.” That might be pretty fun.

Right now in D.C., we’re working to beat the heat. And I’m not talking about California heat, with no humidity. I’m talking about suffocating heat that you can feel at midnight. I’m serious. It feels like 110 degrees right now, and you can hardly breathe. It’s all you can do to stay alive. I sure feel sorry for the guys who have to work outside.

A few other exciting things have happened in yours truly’s life. I got some Adidas Sambas the other night (and banging my head becuase they’re 5 bucks cheaper on Amazon). Man, they sure are nice. Soccer starts in just a month, so I’m starting to run (inside of course).

Also, I’ve been working on two projects right now:

1. Harry Potter, Narnia, and the Lord of the Rings review that will premier this August in Virtue Magazine.

2. A blog post called: “The Unaswerable Question?”

I’ve also been exploring the blog world, and have found some great new blogs. One blog has given me a laugh by it’s title, and also a picture for the header. You need to check her site out.

I also noticed that Mission 3:6teen is now back to blogging, and the world is better because of it!

Another site you might like to visit is Marla Swoffer’s site. I’d been there once or twice, but you might like to check it out. Just remember to come back here!

I’d like to end this rambling with a little more rambling.

Have you ever wondered about the view that we can “take the good out of a book and leave the bad”? Isn’t that like sticking your hands in mud to find a pearl? Should we do that?

Just a taste of tomorrow or tonight.

5 responses to “Wednesday Ramblings: No Filler, This Is Hard Stuff”

  1. And people wonder why I live in Scottsdale, Arizona when it’s 110? but only 8% humidity? Today is a humid day and it’s about 28%. We drink lots of water here!

  2. Agent Tim says:

    Ahh, yes. And at night it cools down there! Here it really doesn’t. But I have AC and I’m happy. Today it’s 15 degrees cooler.

  3. I understand what you mean about the heat, but around here (in coastal SC), we are used to it. Our humidity usually doesn’t go below 50% until winter (right now it’s 75%). Also, in the winter, northern Georgia will get snow before we will.

  4. It does not cool down at night during the summer and is not unusual to be 100? at midnight. The overnight low is usually 89? and that would be just before sunup. The only time it cools off at night here is during the winter.

  5. Agent Tim says:

    Youch. Well…DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!!! Boy, that’s not my kind of place to live. But God has plans no matter where we are 😀

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