Why I Come Back

People are constantly blogging about blogging. Usually they’re struggling with a small readership, or lack of motivation. So they usually ask themselves:

“What makes people come back to my site?”

Well, the certainly might be a good question that can help you in some ways, but I believe there is a better question.

“What makes me come back to my site.”

See, your most important reader is you. Even if Sean Hannity is reading your site, you’re still the most important reader. If you don’t like your own blog, then things aren’t right.

So, why do I come back to my own site and read my own posts?

I come back for the website headers. I love them. It makes the site look fresh, and sends a message to all my readers.

I like my posts because they have good quotes and some fresh thoughts, and interesting links. I enjoy reading them. It’s just an extra blessing to have others who like to read them too.

I just like my blog.

I churn out an average of 1 post per day. I’ve written a total of 274 posts, and received 5008 comments (that includes 4500 spam comments) I’ve made around $-40.00, so it’s not for the money.

I do blogging becuase I like my blog.

Whether I have 5 readers or my current 500, I still like my blog.

Reading my blog is like watching a kid grow. It matures, and it gets better with every post.

I like that.

I hope you like your blog too. Whether you have 5 or 500 visits a day, I hope you like your blog.

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2 responses to “Why I Come Back”

  1. AgentDad says:

    Are you sure you don’t come back to your blog to correct spelling mistaks, er, mistakes?:) Keep it up. I love your post. Agent Dad

  2. Dan Lacey says:

    I come back because you update regularly, are positive and encouraging and have excellent taste in cartoons.
    God bless!

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