The Situation In Germany: More Uncovered

I’ve been graciously allowed to view some emails by Richard Guenther, the director of School Instruction At Home in Germany. “Yesterday, I recieved an email from Alex Harris, younger brother of Joshua Harris” But before I allow you read the emails, I must point to a brand-new, amazing blog, called ‘The Rebelution.’ Yesterday, I recieved an email from Alex Harris, … Read More


Pretty much done with messsing with the blog. I’ll edit the sidebar, and the header, but I won’t change it anymore. So what do you think? Pretty awesome isn’ it?

Working on the blog…

Just to let you know… UPDATE: The subscribe feature decided it doesn’t want to work. I’ve been messing around with everything, and I think I’ll stick with this template until my old one is redone. This design is so much easier to read, and looks cooler…though a bit less agenty. Please comment! UPDATE AGAIN: The subscribe feature gives you error … Read More

Raising Money For Walmart

Over at Wake Up the NEA, I’ve begun to “raise” money for Walmart. My goal is $1000 by the end of this week, but we’ll have to see how things go. If you’ve spent anything at Walmart, email me so I can list your contribution in the anti-Boycott. I also wanted to mention a very good post on the Walmart … Read More

Rick Warren is a Nazi (No really, he is!)

UPDATE: Yes, my trackback was removed :-(. Ingrid, I believe you are doing many things right and well. But personal attacks go too far. In my post earlier about Rick Warren, a commenter by the name of Adam made the right type of criticism of Rick Warren. God Bless your ministry and may he work in your life, and remind … Read More

Getting the Point Across

What does it take to get a point across? Sometimes it seems like no one is listening, and you have to go to drastic measures to have an audience. Other times you have no audience at all. But with a blog, you can get your point across. You can have readers, and people who really listen. If you’re good, you’ll … Read More

Where in the World?

Folks, I’ve been finding my niche in blogging. I’m absolutely astounded… Yes, I’ve been blogging over at Wake Up The NEA. I told myself that I would just found it, not contribute. But for the time being, I am contributing. I’ve added a new blogger to the site who is contributing…and I must say her first post was extremely good. … Read More

Let Us Weep

Sudan: the location of mass genocide. Pain. Suffering. Starvation. Murder. Death. Blood. The images coming out of the main location of the genocide–Darfur–have cut to my soul. I can’t say any more when I see these pictures. They speak louder than words. The pictures of women, children, and especiall the babies. It’s just so sad to see the pain in … Read More

I told myself “no”

But I don’t listen to myself. I’ve posted a little bit on the “Wake Up The NEA” blog while waiting for a blogger to take over. Yes, I’m still looking for you. Wherever you are, I need you to take control as soon as possible before I get addicted to this. While you’re waiting, head on over and pick of … Read More