I told myself “no”

But I don’t listen to myself. I’ve posted a little bit on the “Wake Up The NEA” blog while waiting for a blogger to take over. Yes, I’m still looking for you. Wherever you are, I need you to take control as soon as possible before I get addicted to this.

While you’re waiting, head on over and pick of some graphics and stick them in a post to get the word out. All you have to do is link to the blog and put the graphic in the post. Comment too!

I think this blog will get a lot of attention due to the fact I have seen one blog that’s pro-Walmart. Just one. All the others are anti-Walmart, anti-homeschooling, anti-whatever. Even if Walmart has done some stuff many would not approve of, the NEA’s decision to start a “Wake Up Wal-Mart Campaign” for political reasons is unnecessary and wrong.

So stop by the blog today…and please give me an email if you want to take over.

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  1. Kevin Brancato


    Why do you think Always Low Prices is anti-Wal-Mart?

    It is obvious that many of the commenters on ALP take that position, but few of the blog authors do. More to the point, I’ve personally been libelled numerous times by Wal-Mart opponents as being a paid-for shill for the company, when I have no connection with Wal-Mart whatsoever, except shopping in their stores.

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