Let Us Weep

Sudan: the location of mass genocide. Pain. Suffering. Starvation. Murder. Death. Blood.

The images coming out of the main location of the genocide–Darfur–have cut to my soul. I can’t say any more when I see these pictures. They speak louder than words. The pictures of women, children, and especiall the babies. It’s just so sad to see the pain in their eyes. Stay in prayer.

These pictures are to get the word out about the Spotlight on Darfur. Feel free to use them.

Also see Catez’s photostream. It reallly brings tears to your eyes.

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    Welcome to Spotlight on Darfur, which contains reports and views on the Darfur genocide crisis from a diverse group of people. We do not represent any one group or organisation and all share an intention to keep the spotlight on Darfur. This is the fir…

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