Rick Warren is a Nazi (No really, he is!)

UPDATE: Yes, my trackback was removed :-(. Ingrid, I believe you are doing many things right and well. But personal attacks go too far. In my post earlier about Rick Warren, a commenter by the name of Adam made the right type of criticism of Rick Warren. God Bless your ministry and may he work in your life, and remind you, as well as myself, that we are all sinful. We all make mistakes…Rick Warren included.


Well, he is according to Slice of Laodicea. This “parable” is about those “thrown out” of churches for disagreeing with the Purpose Driven Life. This is blamed on Rick Warren…but is it really him that caused those people to be thrown out?

Here was the comment that I left which will probably not get through:

So you think Rick Warren is very similar to Hitler? Don’t you think that’s a bit much?

I think this parable goes too far. You know what’s funny…if you say anything good about Rick Warren in some places, you get thrown out.

Just an observation. God Bless…

And that’s in contrast with this comment:

“It’s an interesting analogy and not far off the mark. Warren has his own Goebbels (propoganda minister) and his own henchmen who stand ready to enforce support of the “fuhrer”. Except this one comes with a Hawaiian shirt and a big smile. Instead of brown shirts and jack boots, they have PR people on the net whose sole job it is to tear apart with fangs anyone who raises a single concern about Warren’s teachings. But like the former fuhrer who had to witness the destructin of his empire by the truth bombs of the Allied forces, there will come a day soon when truth will weigh against the false leadership in the PDL and the smoking ruins will be there for all to see. Sad but true. Thanx.

Posted by: Soshdoc at August 28, 2005 04:35 PM

In all humility and respect to Mrs. Schlueter, I do believe that that article that she linked to went to far in it’s accusations. Even people living in Germany do not call the acts of the Government there against homeschoolers Nazism.

I don’t know if my comment will be accepted, but I believe that it’s true. Obviously, some have not read my last post on Rick Warren (76 comments and growing). Let me quote from it:

“Tim Challies criticisms have, unfortunately, turned into people like Ingrid Schlueter and Deborah Dombrowski. They’ve gone way to far. And all the “Rick Warren is a Satanist” commenters deserve to be banned from the internet. This makes the discussion uncivil. We don’t need that in the body of Christ. They aren’t looking at both sides of the issue, which could be slightly resolved if they were like Tim Challies. He looked at both sides of the argument. He did the right thing.”

Ingrid is a person who has done a lot of good things on her blog, but I’m seeing less and less of the good things and more and more personal attacks against Rick Warren, and yes, against those who defend or sypathyze with him.

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  1. jettybetty says:

    Hi Agent Tim!
    You did a great job interviewing Jeannine from Germany–I look forward to reading your interviews from public school teachers–are you going to be “fair and balanced” and have at least one teacher that really believes God is using him/her in the public school arena??

    When do you plan to publish??



  2. jettybetty says:

    BTW, I would be glad to give you some names of ones to interview that really believe they are called to teach in public schools if your would like!


  3. Tim says:

    I plan to publish as soon as I get the answers to the interview sent and replied too 🙂

  4. rabanes says:

    I posted two posts at my blog about this situation, complete with a photo about what the spirit of nazis REALLY looks like:

    At http://sliceoflaodiceachurch.blogspot.com/

    “Rick Warren, Nazis, and Ingrid Schlueter”


    “More Nazis, Rick Warren, Schlueter, and Atrocities”

  5. Bill says:

    I left a comment there too that will probably not go through either. I am just really concerned that too many people are making decisions based on what one place/website/person says and not making their own judgement.

    Chances are, Ingrid never ever picked up PDL, but instead let someone else critique it first and bandwagoned the negative feedback.

  6. Catez says:

    Hi Tim,
    I think you’ve got caught in the middle of a flame war that doesn’t look like it’s going to die down any time soon.
    It doesn’t help when Rick posts his stuff here, or Ingrid posts hers – I don’t have a side in this. You know me as a blogger and my concern is that you are being caught in the cross fire – and your blog is being used by two adults who should know better.
    My suggestion – Rick and Ingrid should take their boxing match elsewhere.
    Brother – pray for them and leave them to it. You have other stuff to do that is constructive. I care about you and I know God has given you a writing gift. So stick with Him ok?

  7. Tim says:

    I agree Catez. Appreciated that comment.

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