The Situation In Germany: More Uncovered

I’ve been graciously allowed to view some emails by Richard Guenther, the director of School Instruction At Home in Germany.

“Yesterday, I recieved an email from Alex Harris, younger brother of Joshua Harris”

But before I allow you read the emails, I must point to a brand-new, amazing blog, called ‘The Rebelution.’ Yesterday, I recieved an email from Alex Harris, younger brother of Joshua Harris, author of “I Kissed Dating Goodbye.” He informed me that he and his brother Brett had recently started a blog with a vision to “combat our culture’s incredibly low expectations of teenagers and to create a community of young people where thinking deeply is not an anomaly or an exception, but rather, the norm.” It’s a “vision is to create, not individual exceptions, but a community of young people who corporately stand up and defy social expectations. To do that, the vanguard of our generation must network and collaborate.”

If that’s not enough to get your hooked on their blog, nothing will. Now let’s switch gears. The Harris’ have some contacts (one being Mr. Guenther), and we are now pooling our contacts to make things happen on the internet. So here we go with these interesting emails:

August 26th, 2005
[speaking on the situation in Germany]

Thank you for your kind offer to help. I really don’t know what to tell you to do. We have proven the intent of the government over and over before the courts and that from top to bottom they are not adhering to the federal law, which is guaranteed the German citizens.

Incidentally, in the former Soviet Union, the communist regime found Christians guilty of not participating in society (not being integrated) and deported them to work camps in Siberia. The brother mentioned in the attached article spent 24 years in a prison in Russia for the same reasons Christian parents go to jail and lose custody of their children today in Germany.

“The boys and girls are made to share dressing rooms when they do sports in school”

Also, I didn’t mention that further reasons parents want to take their children out of school is because the boys and girls are made to share dressing rooms when they do sports in school – they must dress together! Children are forced to go to discos on field trips! Forced to see occultic theater pieces, which the parents object to! They must go along with the whole new socialist agenda without exception!

Several people have asked if they can share what I have written with others. Yes of course you may. The word must go out!

God bless,

Richard Guenther

Also, be in prayer:

Before I sign off tonight I just want to tell you all how much you have encouraged us. No one has larger hearts than Americans. Presently, 6 mothers and 29 children of the Padernorn families are huddled together in one house in Austria. The fathers are forced to stay behind because of their jobs. These families are all Russian-German. Several of them suffered harsh persecution in the former Societ Union and are willing to be martyred in Germany if the government does not back off.

God bless,

Richard Guenther

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  2. Jeannine

    This must be a strange school he is writing about, at least concerning school sports. Generally, in German schools there are separate dressing rooms for boys and girls. Definitely at all schools I know/have been too.

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