Where in the World?

Folks, I’ve been finding my niche in blogging. I’m absolutely astounded…

Yes, I’ve been blogging over at Wake Up The NEA. I told myself that I would just found it, not contribute. But for the time being, I am contributing. I’ve added a new blogger to the site who is contributing…and I must say her first post was extremely good. If you’re into any type of education, you need to keep a tab on this blog. It’s rising in popularity extremely fast with links on EduWonk, Number 2 Pencil, and Spunkyhomeschool, as well as Always Low Prices. Those are all notable edu-bloggers.

After putting up a stat counter, we’ve had over 300 visits (unique) in 3 days. I started the blog on Saturday!

As for this blog, things are going well. I’ve been working hard on some articles for Town Hall, and Virtue Magazine. But things here are going to slow down just a little. I’m going to put time into having quality here on ATO. So stay tuned.

3 responses to “Where in the World?”

  1. Kristin says:

    I think it’s really neat that you’re blogging over there too. The project seems to be getting a lot of attention-and I hope it continues.

  2. David Ketter says:

    Well, we know you’re doing a great job…busy, busy, busy! Hope you find a blogger for the NEA project…we’re missing ATO!

  3. John Willis says:

    How interesting…hmm, I’d almost be tempted to ask to blog for this. Almost. ‘cept, I have no time right now.

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