State Champions

The homeschoolers I did video reporting on a few months ago won the State Championship for the state of Maryland. So give them a big hand–homeschoolers are physically fit! Congratulations everyone!

Marriage: The Ties That Bind (And That Shouldn’t Bind)

Marriage is going downhill–in America and worldwide–and it seems to start in the land my great-great-grandfather came from: the Netherlands. I’ve always had a little place in my heart for that country built by the hands of my ancestors. They made it–they conquered it. But today, as many of those Christians have left the country, it is a horrible and …

If We Had More Men Like Horatio Bunce

This speech by Davey Crocket is one of the best things I’ve ever read. As Spunky said in her post “Not Yours To Give”, “This speech is worth re-reading every once in a while just to remind us of how it all is really supposed to work.”

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do?

“Nearly as many men are behind bars or on probation and parole (5 million) as are in college (7.3 million).” I found this article interesting and intriquing. Is it true? Where the Boys Are, released in 1960, is the quintessential college spring-break movie. Today, visitors to college campuses can’t help but ask: Where are the boys? Currently, 135 women receive …


If you weren’t able to download the radio show, you can check out Smarthomeschool’s radio transcript of the show. I’m in the process of catching up in school, so blogging will be light until this weekend.

Demon Child

“When you’re essentially told you have a demon child, you feel like you’ve failed yourself and your kid,” As I sat in Dr. Mohler’s studio the other day he mentioned that one of his most popular shows that he’d done in the past–spanking. Of course, I had an idea for a post, which quickly flashed, through my mind. But I …

Back In Action

I’ve got an article entitled “Demon Child” (or something to that degree) coming up here on Agent Tim Online. The only problem is that I must head on out to my church to help lead worship, so I don’t have time to type anything up. But stay tuned folks…Agent Tim is back on the blogoshpere.

Agent Tim On the Radio

In just a few minutes, Agent Tim will be a guest on the Albert Mohler radio show live from Nashville, TN. Listen here, or I believe the direct link might be this. Of course, you can listen to it at a later time as well. Enjoy!


Quick update: I’m here. I’m alive. I’ll be audio posting. And last night was awesome–we heard the president of the New Orleans Seminary speak…and he received a standing ovation…it was really awesome to see that the Southern Baptists were the first on the ground in NO. Awesome…

The Earth Is Full Of Your Splendor

“How many are your works, O Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.” And the earth is full of your splendor. As I sat on the plane two nights ago, I got to watch the sun set below the horizon. It’s colorful rays flashing across the rolling clouds below made me sit back …