Agent Tim On the Radio

In just a few minutes, Agent Tim will be a guest on the Albert Mohler radio show live from Nashville, TN. Listen here, or I believe the direct link might be this.

Of course, you can listen to it at a later time as well.


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  1. Justin

    I heard you today on the Dr. Mohler program. It is very edifying to know of a 15 year old that is really living and working for the Lord. My life at 15 (I am now 24 and a student at Southern Seminary) was not God honoring and it wasn’t until about three years ago that God really turned my life around.
    Just wanted to let you know that your witness has more impact than you know. I am very encouraged and edified. Now that I have your blog address, I will try to check in as often as I can. Take care!

    In Him,
    Justin Patrick

  2. D.R. Randle

    Hey man, Great job on the radio with Big Al. I have seen your website on the SBC bloggers aggregate site, but I never would have guessed you were 15. Keep up the good work here.
    Soli Deo Gloria,

  3. Leonard J. Rizy

    Listening from Boston. Been supporting the Al Mohler show in prayer for about 2 months now – thought he was right on target with the ludicrousness of face transplants. Amazed at how Dr. Mohler’s talk of UK off-shore ‘artificial insemination’ ships Coincides with what I read tonight in an extract of Brave New World – check out “The Hatchery” – a ch of BNW – could be our Near future – or our PRESENT.
    Leonard John, Boston

  4. David S. MacMillan

    Hey Tim,

    I’m listening to your interview now. You rock!

    Say, why didn’t you mention me? (J/K).

    While you’re at it, could you link to me?

    Also, your links on the sidebar don’t seem to be working. None of the “photos” links work at all. It might just be a problem with the browser. . . .

    In Him,


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  6. Carol Bates


    I am a grandmother in Alabama. I’m so excited about your Christian testimony and the way you use blogs to encourage other Christians and evangelize. I heard you on Dr. Mohler’s program. Great job!

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  8. Grandpa Mullins

    Tim, this was an awesome interview with Dr. Mohler. I’m proud that you’re my Grandson and doing the work of Christ that you find rewarding and interesting. Perhaps your readers would like to know that I spent 35 years in Christian Radio and Television before my retirement. Perhaps you will keep the tradition alive.

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