2 responses to “If We Had More Men Like Horatio Bunce”

  1. Tim,

    I had not read that before. Thanks for sharing that for us, and for me. I had looked at it that way before, but it never struck me as important. Now, like Colonel Crockett, I undestand.



  2. Kayla Allen says:

    Agent Tim I have never heard of you, but as far as I can see you’re a man with integrity who holds to truth’s teachings. I’m currently writing a report on Horatio Bunce; whose words pierced my soul, and was indeed wisdom from the Lord Almighty. If you have any research information on him(Horatio Bunce)I would be quite excited to hear it for i’m having difficulty in finding any information at all. I’m also interested about your website, and what your goal is on it.

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