Marriage: The Ties That Bind (And That Shouldn’t Bind)

Marriage is going downhill–in America and worldwide–and it seems to start in the land my great-great-grandfather came from: the Netherlands. I’ve always had a little place in my heart for that country built by the hands of my ancestors. They made it–they conquered it.

But today, as many of those Christians have left the country, it is a horrible and sinful country. As reported in the Brussels Journal two days ago, polygamy has been legalized in Holland.

The Netherlands and Belgium were the first countries to give full marriage rights to homosexuals. In the United States some politicians propose “civil unions” that give homosexual couples the full benefits and responsibilities of marriage. These civil unions differ from marriage only in name.

Meanwhile in the Netherlands polygamy has been legalised in all but name. Last Friday the first civil union of three partners was registered. Victor de Bruijn (46) from Roosendaal “married” both Bianca (31) and Mirjam (35) in a ceremony before a notary who duly registered their civil union.

“I love both Bianca and Mirjam, so I am marrying them both,” Victor said. He had previously been married to Bianca. Two and a half years ago they met Mirjam Geven through an internet chatbox. Eight weeks later Mirjam deserted her husband and came to live with Victor and Bianca. After Mirjam’s divorce the threesome decided to marry.

That’s just totally and completely w-r-o-n-g. God created marriage in the beginning–one man, one woman. Not Adam and Steve. Not Adam and Eve, and Eve Squared.

Also, Dr. Mohler looks at Sociologist James Q. Wilson’s view on marriage on his website, and it’s worth taking a look at. Wilson’s article “The Ties That Do Not Bind” is very interesting to read.

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  1. Andrew

    Is it my immagination, or could this guy be the twin brother of “Dr. Evil”? And if he is, which one of them would be the “evil twin”?

  2. natalie

    I can’t believe that! I should believe it, but I try hard to balance being naive and cynical. Thanks for alerting us – this is a scary scary thing that could be coming our way very soon unfortunately, the way things are going here at home.

  3. Marshall

    grossly wrong…God help our world…

    What’s even scarier is that the Bible says, “In the end times men will be lovers of themselves…and will turn on the traditional way of marriage and do sickening things with other men…”

    And wow…polygamy…that’s as far as I can go and be gracious…


  4. LS4C

    Yes this is very gross,& sad. I find something alot worse,DIVORCE, it seems that when we started accepting this,that everything else concerning marriage went down hill also.

  5. Kaitlin Atmore

    Yuck!! Gag, cough, puke,choke, ewwwwww!!! Doesn’t that just give you the creeps!!! Scarred me for life!! In African tribes, polygama is common but the man will have many wives, but the wives won’t be considered “married” to the other one.

  6. Post
  7. MountainGal

    I’m a little late on commenting, but their is a girl in one of my college classes who believes there is nothing in the Bible to condemn pologamy. Scary.

  8. Post
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  11. M10

    Please note two things:

    * that this is not just polygamy: the girls claim to be bisexual and share a bed together even if their ‘husband’ is not present. Even if one believes that polygamy is not condemned by the Bible, this is polygamy combined with lesbianism.

    * note also that the trio was not married, ‘just’ a civil union which only has tax consequences that have yet to be figured out. People who leave a civil union are not considered divorced, hence these three people were technically not married. I’m quite sure that there are many of these cases around the globe where three people live together in such a relationship — and no laws preventing them from doing so.

    Also interesting that the US press has not picked up on this story — I believe it would shatter the case for homosexual ‘marriage’ in the States.

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