Soccer: Cold

Game Time: 8:00 AM

Starting Temperature: 39 Degrees. No, I didn’t mess up the three.

And yes, I’m wearing shorts. I have a jersey, with UnderArmour underneath (short-sleeve) and another t-shirt underneath. It’s cold.

Friday Fun

Birthday Wishes
First of all, a huge happy birthday to the Harris Twins, Alex and Brett, who turned 17 today! You guys have been a huge inspiration and help to me, as well as many other bloggers and readers. Your contribution to the web is huge, and it’s hard to express in words. You truly have started a “Rebelution” among many, and we praise God that you’re using your talents, gifts, and opportunities to “do hard things” and glorify God.

Your blog deserves a lot of readers, and I hope it will continue to grow. Perhaps you will be the next Instapundit?

God bless you guys, and continue to do hard things! Happy Birthday!

Here are the other bloggers in the fun:

This is Agent Mom and I approve this message

Spunky did it first. Since today is your last day to vote, you’d better get on over and vote for…Agent Tim Online! I mean, if you really want to. And if my Grandma sees this: you could send an email? You only have today to vote…yes, that’s only today. Don’t put it off. Have your mom vote for me!

Why they would vote for me…I don’t know…but that’s beside the point! Like I said before, rock the vote guys!

Now that I’m done lobbying for votes…

Radio And Racism

Square Talk has a new site and new show coming out early. You must check it out.

Also, interesting comment on racism:

Our only difference now is our skin color. How is that any different from the fact that we have different personalities, and different abilities?

This is my first visit to your blog and your post shows you to be an earnest young guy trying to do the right things in life. However, let me offer a bit of a correction to your statement above.

Modern science has overturned the position that racial differences are only skin deep. In fact, just a few weeks ago there was startling news reported in The New York Times that the Human Brain is still evolving and that different races have different distributions of the two alleles associated with brain growth. To see how geneticists, biologists and anthropologists talk amongst themselves see my blog’s post and especially the comments (also look at the maps to see the distribution – one allele is virtually absent in Sub-Saharan Africa.)

We know that evolution works on human populations that are reproductively isolated. It’s not just skin color that differs – lactose tolerance is almost universal in parts of Europe and almost absent in parts of Africa, and also degree of hypertension, prostate cancer, aplastic anemia, MS, MD, etc all vary in incidence by race. In fact, even the rate of twin birth varies, with Asians having about 3/1,000, Whites, 7/1,000 and Blacks up to 49/1,000.

The fact that we see an achievement gap that doesn’t really close despite our best efforts is highly suggestive that cognitive genes weren’t immune to evolution. In fact that is the stunning significance of the first paper I mentioned. There are follow-up papers in the works which show a strong correlation between the presence of those alleles and success on IQ tests.

The whole topic of racial differences is extremely interesting to many academics and of course to many people. The differences can be broken down into social/environmental influences and genetic influences. The latter aspect, and the rich findings being developed by genetic science, is undermining the discrimination assumption. The future will be very interesting for we won’t be able to assume that different outcomes across racial groups is the result of societal discrimiantion.

One other point: your earlier essay on the Nazi’s and race was quite good, but don’t make the equivalence that to acknowledge group differences is the same as, or leads to, Nazism. That’s a logical error equivalent to using the even more murderous ideology of Communism to condemn any acknowledgement of class differences, which really is the filter through which much of the Left views the world. Race exists, and so does class. Both concepts were used by murderous ideologies to inflict evil on the world. The concepts are not evil – the ideologies were. Nazism was about murdering on the basis of race and Communism was about murdering on the basis of class.

Don’t make the equivalence that to acknowledge group differences is the same as, or leads to, Nazism.

You’re right. It doesn’t. But that is one example of one man saying he’s better than another. Now, I don’t know what your spiritual condition is, or what you believe, but for me, I believe this verse in Scripture:

For we were all baptized by one Spirit into one body—whether Jews or Greeks, slave or free—and we were all given the one Spirit to drink.

Follow the discussion in Part 1 and Part 2.

Taking on Racism: Part 2

It was raining. Hard. It was a cold rain, pouring down as if the gates of heaven had been opened. Everything was damp, dark, and dreary. From inside a train’s boxcar, a group of men, women, and children could hear the deafening roar of the torrential downpour as it struck the car.

The walls seemed to close in. It was a nightmare, as all the people in the car breathed the stifling air. All of those people were being taken to the same place: death camps.

These people were Jews, Christians, and other minorities under the rule of Hitler.

There was one race, and those were the Germans. All others had to be done away with. And Hitler’s men did their work efficiently. Instead of wasting ammunition in mass murders, they decided to just gas the prisoners who they couldn’t work to death. Then burn their bodies afterwards.

These millions were killed because they were different from Hitler and other Germans.

It’s happened thru ought all time, as we see one race say that it’s better than another, when we know deep down inside that it’s not that way.

What if you were born white or black? Or yellow or red?

I really don’t see one piece of evidence that says whites are the best race or whatever. Whether you believe in creation or evolution, we’ve all come from the same ancestor, have we not? Our only difference now is our skin color. How is that any different from the fact that we have different personalities, and different abilities?

For me, being racist is absurd. There’s really no reasoning that supports it.

Now, most readers know about those twins who are being used to spread a message that whites are supreme. I felt a need to address this, as a white teen and as a Christian. They tell us that we’re doing the same thing that the girls parents are doing when we attempt to “make them believe” what we believe.

While at first, that does seem logical, I beg to differ.

I was sitting at Starbucks the other night, with my evangelism team, and we were talking about this very thing.

“There seems to be a feeling,” I said, “That we need to be tolerant. Everybody has a view, and we can respect that view, and even try to make another believe that view if we do it right.”


“But I tolerate religions, not hate groups. There’s a difference between religious tolerance and hate. My parents taught me religion, and left it up to me to decide, but they did not teach me to hate another person or some thing.”

It’s amazing what that coffee will do with your mind. Woke me right up.

And it was finally starting to click in my mind.

Blogs are one of the best examples. It doesn’t matter what you look like behind the screen. People don’t see that, and on the web, it’s not a huge deal. I could pretend to be anything, and nobody would really care. You could start reading my blog, as a white supremacist, and I might be black and you wouldn’t know it. You only see my words.

What matters is what’s coming from the heart. Who cares what skin color you have?

While all of this seems great to some, and horrible to others, I must point out, again, that many still want the race war to go on. No one should be “victorious” though. Whites don’t rule over blacks, and blacks don’t rule over whites.

These white supremacist are in the wrong country–a country of freedom. A freedom that does not discriminate.

Halloween Happy?

I will sing of your love and justice; to you, O LORD, I will sing praise.

I will be careful to lead a blameless life—
when will you come to me?
I will walk in my house
with blameless heart.

I will set before my eyes
no vile thing.
The deeds of faithless men I hate;
they will not cling to me.

Men of perverse heart shall be far from me;
I will have nothing to do with evil.

I have no concerns about Christians participating in Halloween. All Hallows Eve is a historic event, and should be taught as such. While much of the historic meaning has been lost in the consumerism of today, the parent’s should not be afraid to teach the history, the why and what if you will, of the event.
–Reader Luke

Halloween is sick. The devil has more than good opportunity to get through to people. Just look at some of the decorations that people have up in their yards. It’s also pretty tacky looking! That’s what I think!!–Reader Kaitlin

I do not believe that it is necessarily wrong for Christians to participate in Halloween. Yes, there are negative origins, and yes some people do take it too far. But Jesus commands us to be in the world but not of it. To me, distancing ourselves from a holiday that demonstrates that people need God even more is not a good idea. We hand out candy to kids, and while we do not go out ourselves, due to the large number of children in our house, we do attend our church’s harvest party. But Halloween, as a current holiday, is not seen as demonic or satanic to the majority of the people who celebrate it. We need to use this holiday as an example of what God’s love means…no death, no pain, no suffering in heaven, but in Hell…

Again, we should not be distancing ourselves from a society that needs us more than ever.–Reader Justin

The real danger for the majority of people in the world is not that they are going to turn into human sacrificing Satanists, but into apathetic followers of whatever comes along, believing it to be harmless. That is what I think Satan delights in, deceiving people into thinking that everything is okay.–Reader Andrew

Tim, just because people put up scary decorations does not mean that they know what those decorations represent. I would be willing to bet that in a converstation with the majority of the population, you would not hear the word Demon or Satan come out once. Most people simply do not realize that what they are putting up is related to that sort of thing. Some Christians do not even realize it. The point that most of them do not realize what they are celebrating makes it even more important that we stay involved and participate, just do it with the purpose of glorifying God and spreading His word.

Atheist participate in Christmas, what’s the difference?

Halloween: images of ghosts, goblins, blood, gore, pumpkins, leaves, and skeletons flash through my mind (and that sick sumo wrestler costume from last year that needs to be banned.)

My thoughts on Halloween have changed somewhat over the years. I’ve participated before. I’ve dressed up like a cowboy, and even as a pirate. I have memories of smacking the unfortunate “monster” who tried to make me scream “mommy” when he jumped me from behind with my sword. The memories of that lunatic with the chainsaw chasing the neighborhood kids down the street. And of course, talking to skeletons and deciding whether or not to grab some candy underneath a guillotine.

I’ve done it all, and looking back, I really don’t like it. I mean, really, there is no good message in the Halloween that our culture celebrates. It’s the devils “big day” in a way. His day to make evil look good with “fun” and lots of candy. (But then again, every day is his day…)

I’ve been wondering about Christians participating in Halloween. We’ve had some really good discussion about it here. But I still struggle somewhat. Is it left up to the Christian to decide for himself or is it wrong to take part? Or can we “compromise” and just pass out candy? Or skip it altogether and take part in an alternative?

“Test everything. Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil.” (1 Thes. 5:22)

I don’t see good in what our culture celebrates. Maybe we’re seeing the bigger picture that some don’t see, but the celebration of evil and death is there, whether our culture knows it or not.

I would reccomend not taking part, as in dressing up. We usually just pass out candy, and tracts.

“But it’s harmless!” Maybe. But more than likely it’s not. I like one of the above commenters who said “The real danger for the majority of people in the world is not that they are going to turn into human sacrificing Satanists, but into apathetic followers of whatever comes along, believing it to be harmless. That is what I think Satan delights in, deceiving people into thinking that everything is okay.”

But we’re not living during the time when Halloween was All Saints Day. Perhaps you should be sharing the gospel? Or passing out tracts?

Where will I be on Halloween? A Bible study. But where will you be? Where should you be?

I think it’s up to you and God. The best thing to do is pray and really seek God’s will on this matter.

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How Ironic Is That

The day I start talking about segregation, Rosa Parks passes away.

Call her “the woman who refused to get up,” but I’m sure Rosa Parks had no idea what her tired feet and frustrating treatment would lead to on December 1, 1955.

December 1, 1955, was also the beginning of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which lasted about a year. Blacks refused to ride the buses in Montgomery, Alabama, until November 13, 1956, when the U.S. Supreme Court declared segregation on buses unconstitutional. Despite its embarrassing and often pathetic history, America is still, by far, the greatest country in the world, no matter what color you happen to be.

It’s been quite a day.

Taking on Racism: Part 1

We call it sad. Sick. Wrong. Twisted.

And it is.

But before I go and “attack” anyone, I’d better look at myself very, very closely. I need to examine my heart, and make sure it’s in the right place.

What is “racism”?

1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

I wonder how many people out there find themselves segregating–I’m not talking about just black and white, I’m talking about everyone. Whether you’re red, yellow, black, or white, have you ever done that?

I have.

It’s not like I’m trying to do it on purpose, but I see it happening all the time with all people. And we know it’s not right, but we’re lazy and do it anyway. You don’t want to make the effort to invite someone different into your group.

Of course, I’ll point out, people can take things to far when it comes to racism. Both sides can cry “foul” when there is no foul. Some people say they’re fighting for someone’s rights, when they only make divisions wider. There are people who stir up trouble and obviously don’t help anything at all.

But what I’m talking about it the real-deal, daily life stuff happening right now.

I think you know you’ve probably done it.

It hurts to think about it–that discrimination that happens when you really don’t realize it. We all need to work on that. It really isn’t right.

In California, I went on a mission trip to rebuild roofs. My crew was extremely diverse, yet we worked together, side by side. Never any problems. Nobody got left out. We were all teens working for a common goal, and sweating on that roof just as much as the other guy. Awesome.

That’s what I don’t understand about white supremacists. What makes you any better than the next guy? You might as well give up on that one–we’re bleeding the same color blood, and breathing the same air. Nothing makes you better than the next guy. Absolutely nothing at all.

For me as a Christian, I believe in 1 Corinthians 12:13:

For we were all baptized by[a] one Spirit into one body—whether Jews or Greeks, slave or free—and we were all given the one Spirit to drink.

But still, I’ve slipped and fallen. I’ve been stupid and at times didn’t think about someone else and how my actions might offend them. There is a such thing as love–love for all people, no matter what they look like. And there is even a right kind of tolerance–and there is absolute truth. Tolerance is “Acknowledging another human’s religion and understanding their right to freedom of religion. You respect their beliefs but do not accept them as truth.”

But back to the topic at hand–have you done it before? Have you blown past the guy sitting alone? Have you said “no” to someone when they wanted to join you in an activity? Have you been lazy and not cared about others feelings?

Maybe it’s not “racism” in the way some think of it. Its just disrespect. And every human being deserves respect, white or black, male or female.

Common decency at a minimum–but love is what we’re striving for.

I wanted to get that out of the way before I continued: I’ve fallen in this area. I’m not perfect, and we need to be honest when taking on issue such as these. Thanks for listening.

Question For the Masses

Does anyone out there know just how many muslims Osama Bin Laden has killed in his terrorist attacks?

Does anyone believe “it is better to fight the terrorists in Iraq then over here?”

Do you believe President Bush is a conservative?

Osama is Dead?


A Pakistani newspaper Ausaf published from Multan has reported that Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden died four months ago in a village near Kandahar of severe illness.

According to the newspaper report, Bin Laden was campaigning at Bamiyan, fell very ill, returned to Kandahar where he died and was buried in the Shada graveyard in the shadow of a mountain.

The controversy continues to surround Osama bin Laden and while US and Pakistan officials have often been quoted by the media as saying that his mortal status was just a matter of detail, the hunt is still on and the issue remains a topic of great interest for the media and governments alike.

Funeral prayers have been said for Osama bin Laden over these years with one reported now by the Ausaf, and another in an Egyptian newspaper Al Wafd as far back as December 2001.

Osama bin Laden has a reward of $25 million on his head. Despite this he remains elusive, and could remain that way for a long time, alive or dead.

Of course, we need to examine the fact that this article states “Funeral prayers have been said for Osama bin Laden over these years with one reported now by the Ausaf, and another in an Egyptian newspaper Al Wafd as far back as December 2001.” It’s obvious that this could be yet another story that Osama is dead. But the hunt goes on…

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Dead Wrong Article

Here’s an article in need of a rebuttal, which I’ll supply Monday or Tuesday, God willing. For now, read.

UPDATE: This may be moved so that I submit the rebuttal to Virtue. I can’t publish it here then there…so for now, stay tuned to Virute for a rebuttal. If it’s not there, I will move it here.