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Birthday Wishes
First of all, a huge happy birthday to the Harris Twins, Alex and Brett, who turned 17 today! You guys have been a huge inspiration and help to me, as well as many other bloggers and readers. Your contribution to the web is huge, and it’s hard to express in words. You truly have started a “Rebelution” among many, and we praise God that you’re using your talents, gifts, and opportunities to “do hard things” and glorify God.

Your blog deserves a lot of readers, and I hope it will continue to grow. Perhaps you will be the next Instapundit?

God bless you guys, and continue to do hard things! Happy Birthday!

Here are the other bloggers in the fun:

This is Agent Mom and I approve this message

Spunky did it first. Since today is your last day to vote, you’d better get on over and vote for…Agent Tim Online! I mean, if you really want to. And if my Grandma sees this: you could send an email? You only have today to vote…yes, that’s only today. Don’t put it off. Have your mom vote for me!

Why they would vote for me…I don’t know…but that’s beside the point! Like I said before, rock the vote guys!

Now that I’m done lobbying for votes…

Radio And Racism

Square Talk has a new site and new show coming out early. You must check it out.

Also, interesting comment on racism:

Our only difference now is our skin color. How is that any different from the fact that we have different personalities, and different abilities?

This is my first visit to your blog and your post shows you to be an earnest young guy trying to do the right things in life. However, let me offer a bit of a correction to your statement above.

Modern science has overturned the position that racial differences are only skin deep. In fact, just a few weeks ago there was startling news reported in The New York Times that the Human Brain is still evolving and that different races have different distributions of the two alleles associated with brain growth. To see how geneticists, biologists and anthropologists talk amongst themselves see my blog’s post and especially the comments (also look at the maps to see the distribution – one allele is virtually absent in Sub-Saharan Africa.)

We know that evolution works on human populations that are reproductively isolated. It’s not just skin color that differs – lactose tolerance is almost universal in parts of Europe and almost absent in parts of Africa, and also degree of hypertension, prostate cancer, aplastic anemia, MS, MD, etc all vary in incidence by race. In fact, even the rate of twin birth varies, with Asians having about 3/1,000, Whites, 7/1,000 and Blacks up to 49/1,000.

The fact that we see an achievement gap that doesn’t really close despite our best efforts is highly suggestive that cognitive genes weren’t immune to evolution. In fact that is the stunning significance of the first paper I mentioned. There are follow-up papers in the works which show a strong correlation between the presence of those alleles and success on IQ tests.

The whole topic of racial differences is extremely interesting to many academics and of course to many people. The differences can be broken down into social/environmental influences and genetic influences. The latter aspect, and the rich findings being developed by genetic science, is undermining the discrimination assumption. The future will be very interesting for we won’t be able to assume that different outcomes across racial groups is the result of societal discrimiantion.

One other point: your earlier essay on the Nazi’s and race was quite good, but don’t make the equivalence that to acknowledge group differences is the same as, or leads to, Nazism. That’s a logical error equivalent to using the even more murderous ideology of Communism to condemn any acknowledgement of class differences, which really is the filter through which much of the Left views the world. Race exists, and so does class. Both concepts were used by murderous ideologies to inflict evil on the world. The concepts are not evil – the ideologies were. Nazism was about murdering on the basis of race and Communism was about murdering on the basis of class.

Don’t make the equivalence that to acknowledge group differences is the same as, or leads to, Nazism.

You’re right. It doesn’t. But that is one example of one man saying he’s better than another. Now, I don’t know what your spiritual condition is, or what you believe, but for me, I believe this verse in Scripture:

For we were all baptized by one Spirit into one body—whether Jews or Greeks, slave or free—and we were all given the one Spirit to drink.

Follow the discussion in Part 1 and Part 2.

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    *coughs* There is the preverbial “putting words in someone’s mouth” that’s ringing a bell in my mind. I mean, maybe she didn’t say it out loud, but she must have (more than likely) been thinking it. Right?

    My Grandma is on the campaign staff now, so um…well…hehe…she’s got quite a ring of influence. I got 5 votes in less than 1 hour after she sent out an email…

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