Homeschoolers Are Racist


“Lamb and Lynx Gaede are a pair of thirteen year old homeschooled, twin sisters. They are also singers spreading a message of white supremacy to audiences all around the country. ABC News wants everyone to know that these are homeschooled girls. The underlying message is that all homeschoolers are intolerant and racist. This plays right into their hands. These are not the typical homeschooled girls and neither is the wrong message their mother is teaching them.”

Lamb and Lynx?

Gag me with a fork people! This is the horribly intolerant. How in the world can you say that every homeschooler is white and racist? Is that possible?

The media at it’s worst hour, as usual. I hope the media wakes up soon. It’s obvious that these are not your normal homeschooled kids. Sad indeed.

UPDATE: Sick. They have a blog.

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  1. Toad7734

    I saw it and they didn’t say every home shcooler was racist, elitist maybe, but not racist.

    I think the point being made is that these parents/”teachers” don’t have to actually have a teaching degree or be educated at all. In that, they can teach these kids that the world is flat, the sun revolves around the moon and that the world was created in 6 days if they so desire and the kids will have no way to know that their parents are just trying to brainwash them; in this case, with racist beliefs.

  2. David Ketter


    Homeschoolers are exposed to both sides of the story, unlike public schoolers…Think about it…people have to fight to have Intelligent Design heard as an alternative to evolution. Homeschoolers have no problem explaining Darwinian evolution…although most don’t opt for it, either.

    Did I ever tell you how many issues I disagree with my dad on? No brainwashing there, dude!

  3. Kaitlin

    I don’t believe homeschoolers are exposed to both sides of the story. Homeschoolers are excluded from continual exposure to all other races. Oh, Creationism is heard in public schools and most people do acknowledge a supreme God and most people realize that there is no possible way that Darwin’s Theory is correct because it completely contradicts what the biology teachers teach!

  4. Lindsey

    From what I’ve heard, Creationism isn’t taught in public schools at all, except very briefly. In any case, I did not think it was treated with as much respect or value as Darwinism…and by the way, Kaitlin, I have heard several people tell me that Darwins theory IS correct, even though it isn’t- because that IS what the teachers in public schools (at least some) teach.

    But we’re veering off the topic of Lamb Lynx, I think… I agree that it is horrible that the media is trying to make them somehow represent all homeschoolers… someone like Agent Tim, David Ketter, and Spunky Jr. would be a far better representation, I think!

  5. David Ketter

    I don’t believe homeschoolers are exposed to both sides of the story. Homeschoolers are excluded from continual exposure to all other races. Oh, Creationism is heard in public schools and most people do acknowledge a supreme God and most people realize that there is no possible way that Darwin’s Theory is correct because it completely contradicts what the biology teachers teach!

    I so hope that was sarcasm…

    Appreciate the compliments, Lindsey. :)

  6. jettybetty

    Obviously these twins are not what I think of when I think of homeschoolers–I think of really chill young people like you and those that read your blog.

    However, some of the time I think you all find really negative things in the public schools and highlight it just as the news organizations are doing with this story. I don’t think that is any more fair than this story.

    Good things happen at home schools–I am sure of it.
    Good things happen at public schools, too–I am sure of that.

    I don’t support this story about the twins at all–I don’t support anything making the other side look bad on the basis of one story.

    What do you think?

  7. Tim

    I think they left out the fact that there are white supremacists in Public Schools as well. It’s pretty obvious that they can use this story to make homeschooling moms look like Nazis.

    “Good things happen at home schools—I am sure of it.
    Good things happen at public schools, too—I am sure of that.”

    I think I’ll add a quote from the Rebelution:

    “I readily agree that there are many good teachers, students, and experiences within the public school system. I know that many young people have graduate from public high school much the better for it. Yet that does not justify the system.

    I would encourage you to read “The Harsh Truth About Public Schools” by Bruce N. Shortt. In it he exposes many of the inherent dangers of public schools that you and I can’t see because of our limited view of the overall system.

    Please understand that [Agent Tim Online] holds no negative views towards public schoolers, public school teachers, etc. But rather towards the system itself. These views are the result of a more thorough knowledge of the inherent evils of the system and the agendas being perpetuated regardless of the convictions of teachers, students, etc.”

  8. Kaitlin

    No, it wasn’t sarcasm. Just what I’m allowed to think and what I see when I go to school everyday. But it doesn’t really matter anymore because everyone is just out to eat me and jump down my throat today.

  9. David Ketter

    Then, Kaitlin, I’m afraid you’re wrong. What’s interesting is that a significant portion of homeschoolers (some estimate up to 30%) live in inter-racial homes. Many live in diverse neiborhoods and grow up respecting people regardless of the color of their skin – which, as Tim pointed out, shouldn’t matter to a Christian. Answers in Genesis has some neat stuff on the whole “race” issue.

  10. Diane

    My take on this is that if these girls were public schoolers, their education wouldn’t have even been mentioned. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was a deliberate attempt to make homeschooling look bad, but maybe just to cause some controversy. News thrives on controversy.

    And to Kaitlyn, who said, “I don’t believe homeschoolers are exposed to both sides of the story. Homeschoolers are excluded from continual exposure to all other races.” I got a good, hard laugh out of that! Maybe it’s just because I live in Florida, but my homeschooled children live in a diverse neighborhood and attend a very diverse church. Many of their friends & acquantainces of ALL ages are black, Mexican, African, Haitian, Puerto Rican, etc. My children are taught that race does not matter. They are taught all sides to every story, including creation/evolution, the civil war, and every other controversial subject we come across.

  11. jettybetty

    I suppose my point is this: I got the idea that you thought homeschoolers were not correctly characterized when this article was published. I 100% agree with you.

    I think many homeschoolers mis-characterize what is going on in public schools over isolated incidents. That’s not good either.

    This is an honest question–you say it’s the system you don’t like. How would you educated American children without public schools? Do you think every parent should homeschool?

    BTW, I could write an article along the lines “The Harsh Truth About Homeschooling” and have lots of truth in it. But, I would never do it–because I support your convictions of homeschooling–and I think you are a really great young man–I would never want to discourage you.

  12. Kaitlin

    You know, this is the best place that I have ever had in this country to say what I think. NOW is my prime opportunity to say what I have wanted to say since I stepped off of that plane. But I’m not going to. The reason is exactly what I would love to say, but instead, I’ll just love you guys.

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  14. Sunny

    I had two homeschooler friends for one year. One of them was a Nazi lover. Showed me his prized antique Nazi pistol and box of stuff. He treated people not as individuals. Didn’t matter how fair or nice I was. I was always the bad anti American jerk, regardless (we didn’t even have any conflicting opinions). It wasn’t so much the parent’s wrongful teachings. It seemed their lack of looking after them. I also met a devout Christian who believed homeshoolers are too extreme, but he did not elaborate. You would think homeschoolers are free from bullies. But I heard compaints about being thrown against the wall by fellow students. These homeschooler have their own group of students and teachers. By the way, the ones I knew showed good signs of anti interracial relationships. My prof mentioned kids that don’t work write subjective papers. People who work write objective papers. This showed alot.

    But I will also say that the other homeschoolers I was in contact with were friendly, even though I hardly saw them. One white homeschool family had adopted one black and one asian girl.

  15. Kayla Allen

    This would explain why almost no black christians come to our Annex. There is only one guy who shows up and he doesn’t talk to anyone freely unless they’re an adult or a black. This bothers me greatly because i’m a Californian who is now living in Mississippi where there is nothing but racism(even though they don’t admit it). I didn’t know how desperate the media was to take advantage of us christians.

  16. Kayla Allen

    Hearing you guys talk is fascinating(no sarcasm), and is actually going to help me at my HUG group today. Now about the Media V.S Christian Homeschoolers as i’d like to call the scenario, let me just say that i’m a true Californian Christian who was both in Public school and in Homeschool. Now while I was in Public school there was about…40% Nazi Followers(We Californians call them Scalps or N-Heads), 20% Atheists, 5% Christians, and 35% Rascism. In Homeschool though i noticed there was about 40% racism, 50% christians, and 10% Atheists in it. Now something isn’t right with the picture here, wanna now what the problem was? Well in Soquel High School where i went to Teachers were teaching three main topics: The Big Bang Theory, Jesus Christ in an Atheist’s perspective, and World War1-2 (while targeting how the blacks were treated by the Nazis too). In Homeschool the problem was who the teachers were and what was their beliefs, and as you’ve probably already guessed some of the “christian” teachers were either racist or an atheist. Lucky for me my grandparents teach me.

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