Soccer: Cold

Game Time: 8:00 AM

Starting Temperature: 39 Degrees. No, I didn’t mess up the three.

And yes, I’m wearing shorts. I have a jersey, with UnderArmour underneath (short-sleeve) and another t-shirt underneath. It’s cold.

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  1. Spunky Jr.

    That’s why I don’t play soccer (like I would in the first place…). I hope you won the game and congrats on winning teen blogger of the year :)

  2. Pete

    I can relate in a way, Tim… I had a football game this morning in extremely cold weather and pouring rain. Hence large amounts of mud as well. :)

    Congrats on the Blog of the Year award!

  3. Caleb

    Congrats on the vote man. You earned it.

    LOL, that’s not bad. How about being at 10,500 ft. above sea level in Colorado, ontop of Copper Mountain at 9:00am where it is -27 degrees (yes, negative 27 degrees). That’s me in the winter with my snowboard. Ha!

  4. Bill

    How ’bout 70-degree highs, 55-degree lows and no humidity? Florida winter weather rocks! But summer stinks, the humidity is usually about 9000% (rough estimate).

  5. Kaitlin

    This is winter in Florida? It was 80-degrees out today!! It strange, I wore jeans last week and shorts today. But I like it without the humidity, you can actually breathe.

  6. Ednella Sound-Out

    Congratulations Tim on the blog of the year award!! Sorry I didn’t get over here sooner… been really busy with church and school *groans at all the homework piling up*


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