I’m Thankful For Bandwidth

You may have noticed that I exceeded my “bandwidth” for the month of November a week and a half early. That’s two months in a row and probably the third or fourth time this year. What exactly does this mean?

Mainly, I owe more money to StillThinking (but my 5 year old brother assured me that I’m “rich” so I shouldn’t have any problems paying. I told him to ask for an Agent Tim Online T-Shirt for Christmas to help me get “richer”.) The other thing that is happening would be the obvious: my site is growing in readership. I know some are curious about my stats, since I don’t link to them on my sidebar anywhere, so I’ll tell you the basics: 1000+ visits. 5,000 hits. All by the grace of God.

It’s just another thing to be thankful for this week, and a reminder of an ever-present truth. Just because Thanksgiving is around the corner doesn’t mean we officially begin to give thanks. It should be official all year long.

Yet still, you can feel that warmth of the Thanksgiving season creeping in and wrapping it’s warm arms around each and every one of our hearts. I love the feeling of being present with family on Thanksgiving and Christmas (and the feeling of being full of food!).

But I still can’t forget to think about all of those who seemingly have nothing to be thankful for this season. Some have lost it all. I think about the hurricane victims, and those who have experienced so much horror and disaster in their lives just in the last few months. I think about the Borten and Ludwig families. I think about a child who has lost his father or mother. I think of that man or woman with no family and no home. I think about that lost soul far away in another country looking out at the ocean and wondering if there is more to life. I think of that young child in Africa who is crying as his mother is lost to AIDS, and he is now an orphan with no home.

And then, my thoughts return to how much God has blessed me over abundantly. My blogging experience has opened the way for me to write for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (somewhat), writing for Virtue Magazine, getting on nationally sydicated radio with Dr. Albert Mohler, and most recently receiving a special package from a well-known pastor and writer who lives in this area.

I have to ask: Why me? Why not Jake or Alex or Travis? Why not Kristin or Hannah or Jennifer? Who not David? Why not any one of the other teens on my lists? Why 1000 daily visits and exceeded bandwidth?

I’m still praying about that. But for the time being, I’m just thankful for everything God has given to me.

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  1. Kaitlin says:

    That was so sweet Tim. Even with everything that I feel I’ve lost, I still have soooooo much more to be thankful for and I am. Don’t worry about owing money, you can always file for bankruptcy with your parents. Being a girl, I’ve done it often! 🙂

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