Reid It Now: Hypocrisy

I don’t usually talk about politics, but today is the exception. Why? Because I feel you really, really need to read this.

The hypocrisy of the left is astounding to me. Utterly astouding. I was amazed when I saw quotes from Harry Reid back during the Clinton administration, and at the beginning of the War on Terror supporting the war. But being the puppet that he is, his views changed with those who give him the most money for his campaigns. It’s disgusting:

Two days on the Senate floor, Reid decided to attack Judge Alito:

“Even At This Early Stage, I Have A Number Of Significant Concerns I Want To Share With My Colleagues.” (Sen. Harry Reid, Floor Statement, 11/16/05)”

“Even In The First Two Weeks Of The Nomination Process, A Picture Of Sam Alito May Explain Why The Extreme Right Wing Is Popping Champagne Corks.” (Sen. Harry Reid, Floor Statement, 11/16/05)”

Yesterday, Reid was to meet with some liberal organizations to discuss Alito:

“A Coalition Of Liberal Organizations, Including Mr. Neas’s Group [People For The American Way], Is Set To Meet Thursday With The Senate Democratic Leader, Harry Reid Of Nevada, To Discuss The Nomination – The First Time The Groups And Mr. Reid Have Met To Talk About Judge Alito.”

(Sheryl Gay Stolberg and David D. Kirkpatrick, “Court Nominee Plays Down ’85 Remarks,” The New York Times, 11/16/05)

Interesting, considering the past when Reid was pushed by liberal groups to oppose Judge Roberts:

“[R]eid Of Nevada, Said … That He Would Oppose The Confirmation Of Judge John G. Roberts Jr. As Chief Justice, Surprising Both The White House And Fellow Democrats Still Conflicted About How To Vote.” (Sheryl Gay Stolberg and David D. Kirkpatrick, “Top Democrat Says He’ll Vote No On Roberts,” The New York Times, 9/21/05).

“‘He Got The Message Loud And Clear, Didn’t He?’ Kim Gandy, President Of The National Organization For Women, Said Of Mr. Reid On Tuesday.” (Sheryl Gay Stolberg and David D. Kirkpatrick, “Top Democrat Says He’ll Vote No On Roberts,” The New York Times, 9/21/05)

“[R]eid Moved [To Oppose Roberts] Under Pressure From Liberal Activists, Who Were Demanding The Democratic Leadership Take A Strong Stand Against Roberts.” (“Reid Says He Will Vote Against Roberts On Senate Floor,” The Frontrunner, 9/21/05)

Note that Reid was one of only 21 senators to vote against Judge John Roberts. It’s obvious that he is getting pushed to do things like this:

“[M]inority Leader Reid … Has Worked Closely With Liberal Internet Community Sites Like Dailykos.Com — His Office Is In Near Daily Contact With Kos — And Other Web Logs, Internet Forum Sites And News Services To Build A Grassroots Base.” (“The Friday Buzz,” CongressDaily PM, 5/27/05)

Reid Told A MoveOn Rally That His Caucus Is Depending On MoveOn Activists. “We are depending on you, we are depending on you to make sure this country stands for what we learned many years ago when Mr. Smith went to Washington.” (Senator Harry Reid, PAC Rally, Washington, DC, 3/16/05)

But that’s fine with me. If he is speaking for the people of his state, then fine–I’ll leave him alone. But Reid is to represent the people, not the organizations with money and power. But it seems he is under the control of the person with the most money:

“[Reid] … Again Invited Billionaire And Megadonor Stephen Bing To An Exclusive Luncheon Of Senate Democrats Just Off The Chamber Floor Last Week Where The Group Was Plotting Message Strategy For The 2006 Campaign.” (Paul Kane, “Bing Is Minority’s Odd Man Inside,” Roll Call, 10/11/05)

Bing Gave Almost $14 Million To Groups Such As MoveOn, ACT, And Campaign For America’s Future. (Political Money Line Website,, Accessed 11/16/04)

*Joint Victory Campaign 2004 (ACT & Media Fund): $11,983,976
* Voter Fund: $971,427
*Stronger America Now: $252,217
*Voices For Working Families: $199,411
*American’s for Progress & Opportunity: $150,000
*Environmental Accountability Fund: $150,000
*Campaign for Americas Future – CC Fund: $100,651
*The Real Economy Group: $95,000
*Keep Hope Alive Political Action Committee: $50,000

So now that we know he’s in the back pocket of the millionaires, let’s look at his hypocrisy when it comes to the War in Iraq.

Sen. Reid: “[The Bush Administration] Manipulated And Cherry-Picked Intelligence To Hype The Threat.” (Sen. Reid, Floor Statement, U.S. Senate, 11/15/05)

Sen. Reid: “We Need To Know What Information Was Cherry-Picked And What Contrary Facts They Ignored.” (Sen. Reid, Press Conference, 11/7/05)

Sen. Reid: “We Must Know To What Extent This Administration Unfairly Hyped Iraq’s Alleged Nuclear Capabilities And Links To Al Qaeda In Order To Sell Its Case For War.” (Sen. Reid, Press Conference, 11/7/05)

Sen. Reid: “Staying The Course Is Not A Winning Strategy.” (Sen. Reid, Floor Statement, U.S. Senate, 11/15/05)

Utter hypocrisy, when you take a look at his past statements on Saddam Hussein:

Sen. Reid: “It’s Good That The President Reminded The World Of The Commitments (Saddam) Has Reneged On.” (Doug Abrahms, “Nevada Delegation Split On Action Against Iraq,” Reno Gazette-Journal, 9/13/02)

Sen. Reid: “Saddam Hussein, In Effect, Has Thumbed His Nose At The World Community. And I Think That The President’s Approaching This In The Right Fashion.” (CNN’s “Inside Politics,” 9/18/02)

Sen. Reid: “[Saddam] Is Too Dangerous Of A Man To Be Given Carte Blanche With Weapons Of Mass Destruction.” (Brendan Riley, “Nevada Leaders React To Iraq Bombing,” The Associated Press, 12/17/98)

Sen. Reid: “We Stopped The Fighting [In 1991] Based On An Agreement That Iraq Would Take Steps To Assure The World That It Would Not Engage In Further Aggression And That It Would Destroy Its Weapons Of Mass Destruction. It Has Refused To Take Those Steps. That Refusal Constitutes A Breach Of The Armistice Which Renders It Void And Justifies Resumption Of The Armed Conflict.” (Sen. Harry Reid, Congressional Record, 10/9/02, p. S10145)

Sen. Reid: “The Problem Is Not Nuclear Testing; It Is Nuclear Weapons … The Number Of Third World Countries With Nuclear Capabilities Seems To Grow Daily. Saddam Hussein’s Near Success With Developing A Nuclear Weapon Should Be An Eye-Opener For Us All.” (Sen. Harry Reid, Congressional Record, 8/3/92, p. S11188)

Notice the dates. They’re all during the Clinton presidency or during an election year. It all depends on who is in office, and what the president’s views are. That’s what affects Harry Reid’s views. Perhaps he should learn some better views from his fellow democrats?

Former President Bill Clinton: “We Have To Defend Our Future From These Predators Of The 21st Century. … [T]hey Will Be All The More Lethal If We Allow Them To Build Arsenals Of Nuclear, Chemical And Biological Weapons And The Missiles To Deliver Them. We Simply Cannot Allow That To Happen. There Is No More Clear Example Of This Threat Than Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. His Regime Threatens T he Safety Of His People, The Stability Of His Region And The Security Of All The Rest Of Us.” (President Clinton, Remarks To Joint Chiefs Of Staff And Pentagon Staff, Arlington, VA, 2/17/98)

Former Vice President Al Gore: “[I]f You Allow Someone Like Saddam Hussein To Get Nuclear Weapons, Ballistic Missiles, Chemical Weapons, Biological Weapons, How Many People Is He Going To Kill With Such Weapons? He’s Already Demonstrated A Willingness To Use These Weapons …” (CNN’s “Larry King Live,” 12/16/98)

The RNC noticed that Harry Reid never said fellow democrats used intelligence to “hype the threat.”

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY): “In The Four Years Since The Inspectors, Intelligence Reports Show That Saddam Hussein Has Worked To Rebuild His Chemical And Biological Weapons Stock, His Missile Delivery Capability, And His Nuclear Program. … It Is Clear, However, That If Left Unchecked, Saddam Hussein Will Continue To Increase His Capability To Wage Biological And Chemical Warfare And Will Keep Trying To Develop Nuclear Weapons.” (Sen. Hillary Clinton, Congressional Record, 10/10/02, p. S10288)

Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA): “We Have Known For Many Years That Saddam Hussein Is Seeking And Developing Weapons Of Mass Destruction.” (Sen. Ted Kennedy, Remarks At The Johns Hopkins School Of Advanced International Studies, Washington DC, 9/27/02)

Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI): “[Saddam] Has Ignored The Mandates Of The United Nations, Is Building Weapons Of Mass Destruction And The Means Of Delivering Them.” (Committee On Armed Services, U.S. Senate, Hearing, 9/19/02)

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL): “One Of The Most Compelling Threats We In This Country Face Today Is The Proliferation Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction. Threat Assessments Regularly Warn Us Of The Possibility That North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Or Some Other Nation May Acquire Or Develop Nuclear Weapons.” (Sen. Dick Durbin, Congressional Record, 9/30/99, p. S11673)

Sen. Russell Feingold (D-WI): “With Regard To Iraq, I Agree, Iraq Presents A Genuine Threat, Especially In The Form Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction, Chemical, Biological, And Potentially Nuclear Weapons. I Agree That Saddam Hussein Is Exceptionally Dangerous And Brutal, If Not Uniquely So, As The President Argues.” (Sen. Russell Feingold, Congressional Record, 10/9/02, p. S10147)

Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA): “I Certainly Think [Saddam’s] Developing Nuclear Capability, Which, Fortunately, The Israelis Set Back 20 Years Ago With Their Preemptive Attack, Which, In Hindsight, Looks Pretty Darn Good.” (Fox News’ “The Big Story,” 8/27/02)

I know some of you are probably gasping at what these liberal Senators are saying. It’s obvious something is wrong here–terribly wrong. This hypocrisy is disgusting to me. Utterly horrible in it’s nature.

And remember that these are the men and women who are running our country and are supposed to be representing the people of this nation, not elites and lefty organizations.

But that is what they are seeming to do.

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  1. Bill

    MSNBC had a montage of both MA Senators before the war and now. The liberal guest said something to the effect of ‘That doesn’t matter. Bush lied.’ Guess they just can’t get over themselves.

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