The Holiday of Holidays

While I catch up on sleep after attending this concert, I thought of a new word–of course, I think it’s been said before, but who cares? It’s so perfect for this holiday season! I love it! It really brings us all together for the holidays in one heart and one soul!

Christmakwanzahannukah will be a day celebrated by all people. It’s a word that really should win a nobel peace prize. It’s so beatiful.

I included the full names of the two most important holidays and removed the s is christmas. Sneaky or what?

Happy Christmakwanzahannukah to you all, and a happy and luck-filled New Year as well.

7 Comments on “The Holiday of Holidays”

  1. Kaitlin

    Go back to bed Tim, you’re turning into the Grinch!!! If they aren’t tolerant towards us, why should we lower our expectationness?

  2. Bill

    That’s nothing compared to RamaHannaKwanzMas (That PC time of year). It was invented by Glenn Beck (Evil Conservative Talk Radio Host), and is part of a great jingle used for news regarding ChrisTmas.

    Good way to make a statement: When you say ChisTmas, pronounce it as Christ-mas, so that the ‘T’ is not silent. Oh yeah, and when you write ChrisTmas, use a capital ‘T’ (as I am doing here). Hey, it might make some Politically Correct People mad.

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