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Well, most of you probably already know about my meetup with fellow bloggers Alex and Brett Harris, and saw our one picture–but it seems others have gotten a hold of these (not including the National Scoop). It seems some small press got a hold of our photos, and has released them as “warnings” to people, telling them that we are leaders of “the rebelution.” The claimed that three young men met up at Ruby Tuesday’s to discuss their plans, and that one was a special agent. To protect their identities, they decided to change costumes–and faces. Take a look:

And to my amazement this one had to show up…I guess they figured out we all have doubles who follow us around to throw off our pursuers.

Hope you had a good laugh. Posting will be spotty the next few days, but keep stopping by to see if anything has happened. Also, if you were invovled in the alcohol debate here on the blog, Square Talk will be doing a show on it, where you can call in beforehand to tell us what you think. So fire away!

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  1. Lindsey

    For a moment you got me! :) I was thinking- “Hmmm, I thought that Alex & Brett were identical twins, but they don’t look exactly identical to me…” And then I realized what you did! Lol! :)

  2. Catez

    Hey Tim – you look sharp in that top photo. Nice one.
    I’ma bit late but… Merry Christmas! Hope your New Year is a good one. Your blogging has been great this year – with more to come I hope.

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