First off, I’m sorry. Really, I am. I’m sorry that you had to be held from commenting. Yet that’s not all.

I’m really sorry that you weren’t able to read this essential post because of an error on my part. This calls for action, and that’s what’s going to happen. An all-out revival of Wake Up the NEA even if it means missing some days blogging here.

But that’s not all I wanted to tell you about. The greatest thing about this post is that I am giving you an opportunity to win an Agent Tim Online T-Shirt. That’s right, a genuine ATO Shirt. And, I’m going to throw in an Old Schoolhouse Magazine with an article partly by me for free.

Here’s how to win.

1. Read this post.

2. You can comment if you want, but, for this time, I want you to do something different. Call 206-888-4STR or 206-888-4787 and leave a message like this…

Hello Tim, this is [First Name]. I wanted to thank you for bringing to my attention to the problems of MySpace. My question for you is [insert question here.] Thanks!

If you really disagree with me, or have a hard hitting question, or just liked the post, call in. Really, the questions are “why pick on myspace?” and “what’s wrong with myspace” as well as “don’t kids have the right to privacy on myspace?”

3. If you want to ensure that you are entered into the drawing for the shirt and magazine, you can email me. We will announce the winner a few days after the show on the Square Talk website.

So, make sure you call in, ask questions, comment, or want to make a point. And don’t worry, we won’t have your number, you don’t have to recieve the T-Shirt, and you can email Dr. Albert Mohler if you want to be assured that I am a real person.

Call today!

6 responses to “”

  1. Lindsey says:

    So, do I have to ask a question? Or can I just comment?

  2. Tim says:

    Either will do. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

  3. Lindsey says:

    I just wanted to make sure, that’s all!

  4. Morgan says:

    I was wondering if I had to call in to get entered in the free t-shirt drawing.

  5. Tim says:

    That would be best. It’s probably long distance for everyone, so if you do call, I would use a phone that has free long distance on the weekends or something like that.

    Your call can be a comment on the post, a question about the post, or an objection to the post.

  6. Joe says:

    Oh wow, an agent tim t-shirt!!!!!! What I always wanted!

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