Are You A Drummer?

This post is not about the age-old drum argument or anything like that, but rather a nice pause from talking about how to blog, allowing me to convey to you something rather humorous that happened to me today at my church–something I certainly did not expect. Suprisingly, this has absolutely nothing to do with blogging or Agent Tim Online.

So, here’s the story. The service has already begun and we’ve sung a few songs. The pastor comes up and prays, and then we have a “greeting time” where everyone…well…greets others in the service, by shaking hands, introducing yourself, and basically just making everyone feel at home.

So, I stand up, shake some hands around me, then turn around to shake some vistors hands behind me. I shake one ladies hand…

“Good morning,” I say as I shake her hand and smile.

“Good morning!” she replies enthusiastically.

I move to the shorter lady beside her, who looks to be in her mid-60s or so.

“Good morning!” I smile and shake her hand.

“Are you a drummer?” she says smiling and shaking my hand.

My brother comes and stand beside me and she asks him as well. We both continue to grin and glance at each other, both suprised.

“Uhhhh…actually…no. I’m a guitarist though…”

“Ahh! My grandson is looking for a drummer for his band…” She continues to smile.

“Ohhh…” I smile somewhat sheepishly, “Ummm…okay…”

I turned around, a bit confused and very amused–never heard that one before. I mean, really, I’ve never been invited to be a part of a band by anyone over 20, and this was certainly the first time I’d been invited to join a band by a visitor who was in her 60s whom I’d never met and knew absolutely nothing about. Sometimes things just suprise me, and I wonder if it’s God’s sense of humor (have you seen anteaters?) at work.

It’s always fun to run into people who put the spice into your life, and really wake you up. But’s it’s also very weird. Very, very weird.

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  1. coie says:

    Yeah, dad and I try to weird out people’s day by waving at them right before they pass us while driving. We throw in an occasional honk too. So far, no one has turned around and pursued us. Phew!

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