Fearfully And Wonderfully Made

Well folks, something big and exciting is coming out tomorrow…something I’ve been really looking forward to tell you about. But for now, I want you to take a trip back in time. It’s a short trip, but it’s a trip that means a lot to many of us. It’s the time of a fight for a woman’s life. And I … Read More

You Said It

This is why I admire and appreciate Dr. Albert Mohler so much. He’s one of the men I most admire in the evangelical sphere and one of the greatest men I’ve ever met. I’d ecourage you to tune into his radio show every day–you’ll be much better because of it.

Friday Funnies

Well, I do realize it’s very late here on the east coast, but I might as well post. My Friday funnies today was going to be on a very wacky story that wasn’t quite so funny, all about some crazy kid “jamming” in his bedroom, on his bed, falling out his second story window and, unfortunately, not making it. Guys, … Read More

Don’t Waste Your Cancer

One of the finest books I’ve ever read was John Piper’s Don’t Waste Your Life. It truly changed my life, and gave me a great appreciation for Piper’s other works. When I learned that John Piper had cancer, I was suprised, and almost excited. I know that sounds odd, but I was. See, some of the greatest people I know … Read More

Courageism Interview: From The Beginning, Scott Somerville

Agent Tim: For those who haven’t heard the story, or are still at a loss, what’s the story behind this word courageism? Where did it come from? Scott Somerville: The word is the obvious opposite of “terrorism.” It sprang into my head along with a million other thoughts on September 11, 2001, as I stood outside in my suburban Maryland … Read More

Open Thread

Yes, that means you have a chance to run the blog today. So, start asking questions, get your friends to discuss whatever, or ask me questions. Fire away…

New Word Files: Courageism

Well, I’ve received quite a few emails asking me about “courageism.” I know, you’re probably shaking your head and trying to sound it out. I really can’t help you with that since there isn’t a dictionary entry on it—yet. In fact, we may be looking at the “word of the year” for 2006 or 2007. HSLDA attorney Scott Somerville has … Read More

Courageism? Interview With Daryl Cobranchi

This interview is about “courageism.” Except this article is from the other side of the spectrum, the side that believes there is no such word a courageism and idea is false. I personally don’t hold to that view at this time, but wanted to show both sides of the story, starting with the opposing side. So I’ve interviewed Daryl Cobranchi, … Read More