Friday Funnies

Well, I do realize it’s very late here on the east coast, but I might as well post. My Friday funnies today was going to be on a very wacky story that wasn’t quite so funny, all about some crazy kid “jamming” in his bedroom, on his bed, falling out his second story window and, unfortunately, not making it. Guys, keep control when you’re rocking with that electric.

But that didn’t reach the ultimate funny–what really reached the ultimate funny is when I received an email from Spunky Jr. telling me that I received a great shout out from one of my favorite bloggers, La Shawn Barber. So, I travel on over, telling my mom that La Shawn gave me a shout out, and we begin to read the list of bloggers she linked to. And, lo and behold, here’s what I read beside my name:

Adorable homeschooled kid – I had no idea he was a teenager until he told me. Hadn’t seen the pic.

And no, I didn’t insert the emphasis. Of course, my mom starts laughing at me, I grin and say thanks to La Shawn, and start blogging.

Thanks La Shawn! If you don’t mind, I’m going to add that quote to my sidebar.

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