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Yes, that means you have a chance to run the blog today. So, start asking questions, get your friends to discuss whatever, or ask me questions. Fire away…

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  1. A fellow soldier

    Tim, I noticed there were a couple of questions left for you on your post about why you are a Baptist (one of which is mine :)) that you haven’t gotten around to answering. Could you do that? Thanks!

  2. Post

    A Fellow Soldier: Discipleship is very important for Baptists, especially my church. We have an entire entity dedicated to discipleship, called LifeWay. You may have heard of it, actually. Our church has a wednesday night “Discipleship” time to help Christians grow in their faith.

    Bill: This post of mine said most of what I think about the whole issue. I really think that it says very little for the “religion of peace.” Really, it’s sad that a CARTOON is causing such a ruckus. Last time I checked, “fundamentalist” Christians weren’t burning flags and rioting in the streets of NYC because of an anti-Christian article.

  3. Post

    I believe they had every right to do what they did. I believe there is freedom of the press, and that means bad cartoons about Christ, myself, or anything else. Of course, they were probably asking for it, but really, they were speaking the truth–Islam is not all “peace.” If you read the Koran, you don’t read peace, unfortunetely (or perhaps I shouldn’t be suprised…I don’t know).

  4. Lindsey

    Yes, they had the right to do it. But does that mean they should be called courageists? Were they fearing and then facing the right things, with the right attitude, at the right time, in the right way? I don’t think so. Do you?

  5. MVB

    The cartoonists were definitely not courageous, in my opinion. They were very foolish. But I think they knew what would happen if the made these cartoons. The cartoonists wanted to cause an uproar ( though maybe not one of this scale).

  6. Kirk

    My first thought on seeing this lovely open thread was “Great! Now I can throw all my wierd and exotic thoughts that nobady else likes talking about at Agent Tim.”
    And then all my thoughts left my brain. (Why do they always do that?)
    But here is something my dad asked me in a converstation today:
    Is there ever a time when it becomes acceptable for a Christian to become part of an assassination plot? You see, Bonhoeffer (spelling?) came to the conclusion that there was. In fact, he decided it would be wrong not too in his position. So he joined the plot to kill Hitler, was caught, and eventually was hung.
    I’m not sure about this. I think I may have thought the same if I was him, but I don’t know if it is the right one.
    So what do you guys think? (It kind of goes along with this couragism thing too)

  7. Palm Boy

    So when’s the next square talk?

    Is Iran on the road to destruction?

    Was Isreal right to freeze several hundred million $$$$ from palistine?

    And the cartoonist was right, and the truth hurts, thus we have riots.

  8. Agent Tim

    Quick answer to Palm Boy on STR: Not really sure, but it should be up and running, and really interesting, by March. We’re in the middle of doing a project involving STR, and it will be playing a part in starting the project. So, stay tuned for updates on that. I’ll answer the others later…:)

  9. Derek W.

    “Starting a riot isn’t my idea of courage either.”

    I doubt the cartoonists intended to actually start riots, and you can’t blame the riots on them anyway. It’s the Muslims who have been rioting (and engaging in violence), and the only people who are responsible for that are the Muslims.

  10. A fellow soldier

    Thanks for the reply, Tim. I figured it was just an oversight. I shall look at that site when I have some extra time (ha ha, like I ever do :)).

  11. Lindsey

    “I doubt the cartoonists intended to actually start riots, and you can’t blame the riots on them anyway. It’s the Muslims who have been rioting (and engaging in violence), and the only people who are responsible for that are the Muslims.”

    Oh, I agree with you there. I guess I wasn’t very clear. I’ve been meaning to put together a brief explanation of why I do not think the cartoonists were right in what they did, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Hopefully I can do that soon. :)

  12. Hannah

    Have you ever heard of the “shirt-a-day” project over at Do you think it is a good idea? Would you ever participate in it?

    I’ve been thinking about it, even though I’m homeschooled and therefore wouldn’t be walking around a public school – I could find plenty of ways, I think, such as changing into one of the shirts before leaving work (I work at a daycare center), wearing them around town, etc. and then wearing them around a college campus when I end up going.

    What are your thoughts?

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