Where in the World?

First of all, let me apologize for not posting and not telling any of you where or what I’m doing. I’m sitting here in front of my computer, and I can’t tell you what I’m doing, other than the fact that I’m writing this post. Regenerate Our Culture and Square Talk Radio have been taking my time, but I really … Read More

Afghan Man To Be Executed To Be Released

**Update 3**: Sorry about not being quite on top of the news. Busy afternoon yesterday, and another busy day today. But, believe me, it’s worth missing a little exciting news. If you hadn’t heard, which is improbable, Abdul will be released (hopefully). Here’s the link. **Update 2**: “They want to sentence me to death and I accept it,” says Abdul, … Read More

Don’t Press Delete

The post that I had decided to write today was about technology and the ever-present temptation to waste all of our time on it, and to dive into false “fun” on the internet, wasting our days away with MySpace and instant messaging. But, ironically, that post was deleted accidentally. Got to love technology. But it reminded me of a few … Read More

God With Us

I don’t know about you, but many times I’ve wondered how real God is. Sometimes I have been tempted to doubt that he cares about everything in our lives, even the very small things. But it seems that each and every time that I begin to wonder and doubt, I receive a resounding answer to my prayers asking God how … Read More

Teen Blog Roundup

So, which teens are blogging on Terri Schiavo? Check it out: Kaitlin from Mission Amare starts us off. Chloe at Catch Word has her post up. Kiersten P. from the Politically INcorrect Zone shares her post with us. Jennifer from Jennifer’s Musings posts on Terri. Karen Kovaka from the Rhetorical Response has her post up. Quite and interesting title: Men … Read More

A Sorrowful Memory, A Great Reminder

It was only one year ago today that it happened. Really, it’s hard to believe that’s true, but it is. Terri Schiavo’s life is a reminder to us how precious each of days are, and how quickly it can be taken–or stolen–from us. The day Terri’s tube was taken away from her and she was starved to death is a … Read More

Teen Blog Roundup

Update: Go ahead and send in your lnks all day guys, and I’ll put it in a main post on the top of the page this evening, and will continue to repost it or link to it in the coming days. Notice to all bloggers: Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the day Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube was removed … Read More


These past few days have been interesting to say the least. It’s like I’ve started quite a few things over, yet am working to catch up on so many things. And I’ve learned a lot of things, such as the importance of not falling behind and not taking the easy road every time. And I’m still working on those things. … Read More

Regenerate Our Culture.

UPDATE 2:06 PM: It really works guys. Things will be added through the week and next few hours, but for now, the main things are there. Really, it’s some top-quality material waiting to be read and commented on. That’s right folks, it’s here. And to tell you the truth, I’ve never been more excited. It’s a pleasure to be a … Read More


This is amazing. Incredible. And it’s not me, though I wish it was. That has to be the best guitar I’ve heard in awhile. I’m back to practicing!