Exit Strategy Resolution

Most of my readers are aware of my views on the public schools, especially concerning being “salt and light” as well as missionaries in the public schools. The entire system has a base rotten to the core. Another fact that some readers may be aware of would be the fact that I am Southern Baptist. I don’t really talk a … Read More

Flight 93: A Review

There is an absolutely fantastic review of Flight 93 over at Hugh Hewitt’s site. In light of our previous discussion, I thought you might like to read it. Like I’ve said before, I was stunned after watching the trailer. It was, well, like I was sitting there just like I did that fateful morning, crying inside, silent on the outside, … Read More

Blogging Pastors?

Just wanted to alert you guys to this really neat post on why pastors should be blogging. How about forwarding it to your pastor or talking to him about it? I know my pastor has mentioned it, but said he just couldn’t keep up with the news around him. But the fact is, you don’t have to be Albert Mohler, … Read More

I Love Form Letters

I thought everyone would enjoy a short letter exchange I had with my Senator, Mike Miller. Form letters can be quite hilarious. February 21, 2006 Senator Mike Miller 110 College Ave. Annapolis, MD 21401-1991 Dear Senator Miller: I am a 16-year-old student from your great state of Maryland who is interested in both law and politics. Your service to my … Read More

Compassion for the Lost Part II

If there is one thing I’ve learned through blogging and writing for magazines it is certainly context. Whenever someone sends me a quote from an article, I always work to go to the source. What did they really say? What do they really mean? What is the whole story? Whenever I decide to put these questions aside, I always end … Read More

Compassion For the Lost Part I

If you want to talk about a struggle with issues thrown at you, just look at the last few days of my life. It’s a struggle in understanding some views thrown at me out of nowhere, as if God has suddenly said, “Well, you’ve been preaching and teaching about examining differing worldviews. Are you ready to walk the walk?” Then … Read More

What’s Up With Square Talk?

Square Talk Radio is now dedicated to quality. It’s dedicated to the best that it can be. And when we’re not fully prepared, we want you to know. And this week we just weren’t prepared. But our time was not wasted during the past week. In fact, it has been spent preparing for the next edition of the show, as … Read More

Rated R

I’ve been thinking about the movie Flight 93 lately, musing a little on it, and checking out the comments on the site about it. Then yesterday, I was watching the Military Channel, and saw a preview for the movie. “Cool,” I thought as I watched the preview. Then it happened. The voiceover saying “Rated R.” I stopped dead in my … Read More

Focusing On Our Government

Welcome to the third issue of Regenerate Our Culture Magazine, all about government. In this slightly-smaller-than-normal edition, we take a closely focused look at our theme. Jake Smith talks about leaders – ranging from Bible characters to Lord of the Rings characters – taking a look at the basic qualities that makes a leader a leader.Once you’ve got those down, … Read More

Contemplative What?

You thought the Gospel of Judas was heretical? It is, but there’s much more subliminal ways to destroy Christianity by making it into just another cult. These ways have tricked the likes of Beth Moore and Max Lucado, well-meaning people with no knowledge of the heresy. The subtlety is frightening. Recently, 20th Century Fox released a movie called Be Still … Read More