Wanted: Deliberately Christian Parents

I always hate to post twice in one day, but all of you will have to get used to it for the next few weeks. I was browsing the internet, in search of some quality articles and came across this one by Nathan Finn. His article hits at the heart of the issue that is looming before all of us — an issue that must be addressed quickly. The article hits hard, and it hits home – it entails what I am about and will be about. I’m about showing you, in the next three weeks or so, that when we look at the “Exit Strategy Resolution” we’re not talking about “leaving the schools” because of “homosexuality” or “secular humanism.” It’s more than that, and I’ve attempted to get that across in the few posts that you have read. The fact is that parents are called to raise their children in godliness – they are not to give that task to someone else! Sunday school, christian schools, extracurricular activities are all supplements, not the main course.

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  1. Agent Tim:

    Thank you so much for referencing Nathan Finn’s article. The day I read it, when it was first published in the Baptist Press on May 8, 2003, was a life changing experience. His words challenged me as a parent, introduced me to Dr. John Piper, and to the novel idea of “catechizing” our children. Now, almost three years to the day of reading “Wanted: Deliberately Christian Parents”, I had the opportunity to invite Nathan to speak at our 2006 Kingdom Education Summit,hosted by SBCHEA, the Southern Baptist homeschooling ministry he inspired. We named our online “Deliberately Christian” community in his honor. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DeliberatelyChristian/


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