That Has To Hurt

I’ve gotten numerous emails about this news story of a man getting robbed by two teenage girls he met on, you guessed it, MySpace. But we have to remember, the problems are not just bad kids and lousy parenting. Although those are huge issues, MySpace provides an ideal place for these types of things to occur.

I’ve been asked by Regenerate Our Culture’s magazine to write an “op-ed” on MySpace. I have a feeling I’m going to call it “Playing With Fire.” I think you will all find it quite interesting.

MySpace is No Place for Your Place

If you haven’t caught on to the MySpace issue, then you’ve been living under a rock at the bottom of the ocean. Just check out this post I covered earlier this year to fully understand the issues I have with MySpace. The bottom line for me: no one should have a MySpace. Sorry, but it’s just trash.

You can take a look at a recent news story for more and more proof:

A 16-year-old girl who tricked her parents into getting her a passport and then flew to the Mideast to be with a man she met on has returned to Michigan.
U.S. officials in Jordan persuaded Katherine R. Lester to turn around and go home before she reached the West Bank. Lester arrived at Bishop International Airport in Flint late Friday and was taken to a private area to be reunited with her family.
She disappeared Monday after talking her parents into getting her a passport by saying she was going to Canada with friends, sheriff’s officials said.
She apparently planned to visit a man whose MySpace account describes him as a 25-year-old from Jericho, Undersheriff James Jashinske said.

I will never forget the statement of 18-year-old David Ludwig, a MySpacer, who shot and killed his 14-year-old girlfriend’s parents in cold blood:

“It was an intentional murder, I intended to shoot them, and I did.”

Horrible just can’t describe what happened. I urge you, parent and student, to get rid of your MySpace. Parent, make sure you know what’s happening. Visit friends sites. Know what is being posted. Kids, give up the addiction and get out of the trash. I beg you.

Rebellion grows like wildfire on MySpace.

The Answer To the Question

That’s right – I’m answering your questions about basically anything. Maybe it’s something about the Southern Baptist Convention, homeschooling, school, something about me, how to blog, a decision you’re making, my beliefs, theology, Regenerate Our Culture. Whatever it is, you need to call 206-888-4STR and say “Hi Tim, this is [insert your name]. I just wanted to ask about….” and start asking. I’ll be answering all of your questions as soon as possible on a special Square Talk Podcast. What I need you to do is call either today or tomorrow so I can begin answering and you can listen to the show!

Remember, 206-888-4STR . Call now so we can revive Square Talk!

Them Bloggin’ Boys

Dr. Bobby Welch really shouldn’t mess with bloggers.

Welch said he’d been wondering about Southern Baptists and that if “we’d spend less time on these websites that we’d be able to spend more time witnessing?

“Do you think if we spent less time blogging we might have more time to do some baptizing?

“Do you think if we spent less time fumbling around with those computers we might have more converts?”

Welch advised the crowd not to gloat that he’s chiding “them bloggin’ boys. Why, you run around with that wireless telephone up in your ear all day long like a pacifier.

“You think if we’d spend less time with those wireless telephones and more time on the street we wouldn’t win more people to Jesus?”

Now, of course, I said that somewhat jokingly, mainly because I know that Albert Mohler blogs, as does Russell Moore. Come to think of it, so does Morris Chapman. And I’m certain that Brother Bobby probably wouldn’t mind my blog, but who knows. All in all, he has a good point–we can’t just sit around and blog, whether it be to uplift or criticize. We need to be hitting the streets, even if it means we lose some of our readership. Preach it brother!

SBCHEA Live Recap Blogging

No live internet guys. I’m really, really sorry, but I just couldn’t find or hook up to any internet.

The meeting has started, and Elizabeth Watkins is introducing her family and the sponsors. Following this introduction, there will be a invocation prayer by T.C. Pinckney, who is sitting close by. Soon after this the Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools representative Ed Gamble (executive director) will be defining “Kingdom Education.”

T.C. Pinckney just delivered a quite powerful prayer, and Elizabeth Watkins is speaking on getting help and volunteers for SBCHEA. At this point, it’s just formalities. Mrs. Jube Dankworth will be speaking soon afterward. She is the National Director of Homeschooling Family to Family.

Verses on Christian education: Psalm 78

Building a New Public School System from Ed Gamble (Executive Director of SBCACS)

–Homeschooling is best, but Christian school is the other alternative

Will we pass the baton to the next generation? He likes that example because the focus is on the “guy in the back” or the parent.

God has a plan for passing that baton of faith to the next generation, and it’s found in God’s word. A good book on the topic is called “Kingdom Education.” Kingdom Education has a very specific definition.

Kingdom Education is…

–Bible Based
–Christ Centered process that
–Leads a Child to Christ
–Builds a child up in Christ and equips a child to serve Christ and disciples the child

3 ways to Educate

Homeschool, Outsource to a secular school (90%), or go to a Christian school

Regardless of the method, God holds the PARENTS accountable.

10 Command of Kingdom Education (Grab it from the table) Do the public schools buy these commandments?

How many hours does it take to make a disciple?

Jesus Example:

3 years: 1,000 days
16 hours day of teaching
Total 16,000 hours

Roger Moran is coming forward to give his presentation, which should be great.

What’s happening with the SBC?

He has drawn a similarity to the conservative resurgence, and the fight for truth., as welll as the time period needed to turn the “ship.”

Citing stats on 90% of kids falling away, a lack of a biblical world-view, and a good amount of unregenerate Christians. Good things are happening, such as Dr. Albert Mohler and Russell Moore. Finally, people are seeing there is a problem. The SBC is now calling for a partial exit strategy, although they are still calling for us to be “salt and light.” But with the statistics it’s more like the “blind leading the blind.” It is going to take time, but things are beginning to change. People who once fought hard against the resolutions are now coming around. Yesterday, Moran made a motion that LifeWay investigate the growing body of research of children falling away from the church and how is this stopped. If the statistics come back as true, the SBC will rise to the challenge to save the children from what could be a direct path towards hell for so many young men and women in the nation. We have to convince the Southern Baptists that we have a problem before they will accept the cure (where have I heard that before?).

Session A: From the World to the Home

Romans 12:2

Mrs. Jube Dankworth

She is a homeschool mom, as well as director of Homeschooling Family to Family. Mrs. Dankworth has the great opportunity of speaking to thousands of families across the nation, helping parents who are now taking their children out of school just to save their very souls. It’s not just because of school violence or educational reasons. She was involved, or watched, the founding of the homeschool movement. Today, we need to encourage homeschooling parents. There is plenty of things to equip them, but they really need to be encouraged.

She is also speaking on the amount of time spent in the school versus the amount of time spent at home and church with parents and Christian teachers.

“It’s time we bring them home.”

Check out her website as, which includes an online podcast.

Mrs. Johnnie Seago, Co-Director of P.A.C.E.S – Parent and Child Education Services is coming up in just a moment.

Exit Options: Your Path to Kingdom Education

The Plan

1. Confirm you calling and seek God’s face by praying. Count the cost before you go ahead, and be prepared when you decide to homeschool.

Legality (

2. Commit 7 days to decide what you will study, including Scripture and Church History (focusing on the main things). What will be your schedule, what extra activities will you add, and what will you remove? These things make up what she called a “Covenant Week.”

3. Order Curriculum. Make sure you investigate outside activities, join a support group that encourages your vision, and find consultation. This is your “community of faith.”

4. Schedule time off every month. You need a time to refresh.

5. Remember, we must study education, homeschooling, scriptures, classics, literature, history, science, and math. Make sure you are a great example to your students.

Dr. Ted Seago, Pastor is Grace Community Church is coming right up.

A Family Integrated Church

He realized that the pastors were doing the work of the parents.

What is the state of the church? Well, many families have a holy frustration, such as not wanting children taking part of the youth group

Segregated Churches v. Family Integrated.

Family –> Church vs. Church –> Family (What can you do for your church vs. what can the church do for the family.)

Family integration is modeled after a New Testament Church on the Acts 4:42 Model focusing on Teaching Fellowship, Communion, and Prayer. It is built upon sound doctrine (Titus 1:9), covenantal life (Acts 2:44 and Acts 4:32), expositional preaching, and families stay together for worship, Bible study and activities. Also, there the families are Father-led (they are the “priest of their home.” Ephesians 6:4) There are no separate age classes, and it relies heavily on the home. Single moms are are welcome, loved, and supported. The congregation is highly missional minded and benevolent. There are many family fellowships planned by, you guessed it, dads. These are just a few of the distinctives of the Family Integrated Church.

Scott Woodruff is up next. Very cool…too bad he’s not Scott Somerville, but we’ll have to live with him. His daughter Betsy is also speaking with him. She’s speaking of separating God from our learning (she must be in NCFCA and with an update, yes, she is). Homeschooling does not do this, but sees through the eyes of a Christian perspective. We need to start with the key principle that God is alive, unlike the atheistic public schools. We can integrate our religion and values with our learning. Our public schools have tried to kill God, but homeschooling has stopped them.

They have some great stories to make their points. You have to love that.

Scott Woodruff

What happens when families homeschool?

1. They have more kids
2. They watch less TV
3. Homeschool kids are happier
4. They are more involved in causes or movements, including voting

Homeschoolers staying in church 93% vs. 12% for public schools.

Panel Discussion – I’m taking a break.

From the Home to the World

Greg Thornbury

Just a special little add in here. I actually met Dr. Thornbury at the Bone Fish restaurant. He and another Union guy were both talking about blogs, and after noticing their union buttons and nametags, I decided to introduce myself. Before I knew it, I had met both Dr. Thornbury (called the “rightest young theologian in Baptist life”) and Dr. David Dockery, President of Union University. Well, here he goes.

He’s going to put a “twist” on the term exit strategy.

The next generation is pushing “pansexuality” – it’s just “whatever.” We are moving towards having no definition. It’s really wild, if you take a look around, at the amount of kids who really believe in existentialism. We’re not really sure if we’re here, and we’re not really sure some things really mean other things. We need to tolerate everything, because everything is right in the end.

What can we do to prepare our young people who have to live in such a culture? An exit strategy is just temporary. We need a broader kingdom strategy. How do we do this? We must have a goal of engagement. We need to be ready to defend our belief’s, being able to contend with the likes of SoulForce and others. We must be able to have the same preparation, and we must have the same boldness. Why aren’t our students doing the same thing, getting on buses and going to the campuses who promote “hook-ups” and homosexuality?

We need to raise children with a strategy for engagement in the coming culture.

Russell Moore

He’s talking about how homeschooling is not the only issue facing us today. It’s much more. He’s also speaking of how we’re counting morality more important than the Word of the Lord. The problem isn’t just bad morality that is the issue, it is the lack of restraint by parents and students who make and have a worldview that allows them to do what they want.

He is a proponent of home parenting more than he is a proponent of homeschooling and Christian schooling (which he is a proponent of).

We need to make sure that we are teaching the crucifixion of the flesh. We need a kingdom education understanding with parents who are willing to speak to their children about the kingdom of Christ, and puts Christ in every aspect of their schooling. We need to have a counterculture in our churches and homes that makes us very different.

He also is worried about the teens in our churches, and points out that we EXPECT teens to leave and “go wild.” “That has to stop,” he said. He speaks about how respect for adults and our elders has gone down the drain (example: the guy who yelled at Jerry Vines on Tuesday morning).

“Let’s talk about an exit strategy from Children’s church.” –Good quote

Children need to see their parents in worship. All these things that may seem simple at this point (things like saying “yes sir”) are all going to be very countercultural. They’re subtle, but before you know it, many will be serving our own appetites is where you can find out more about him.

Mr. Nathan Finn

He’s the author of Wanted: Deliberately Christian Parents. Very, very cool. He is now the associate archivist at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, N.C. He has this really cool bow tie on. Anyway, he’s doing the formal introductions.

“Do not just deliberate…but teach them what it means to be a Baptist.” We shouldn’t be leaving that job up to the pastor and the teachers. We need to have the correct definition of being a Baptist, or else we’ll end up with a pre-Conservative Resurgence.

A Baptist believes:

• Biblical Authority
• Sufficiency of Scripture
• Regenerate Church Membership (The church is the people, not the building).
• Baptism is by immersion after faith in Jesus Christ
• Every member ministry
• Religious liberty for all people

He urges everyone to research history and theology.

Dr. Emir Caner

Theological collapse–it’s what has happened in our churches today. The church today has become biblically illiterate. We can hardly find anything on theological engagement, only that “feel-good” material. We’re all about feeling better instead of thinking better. We’ve become so apathetic. We don’t care enough to care.

We are called to be both apologists and evangelists. We need to look at the world as a challenge, and we must engage it. We must remove the world from the church.

And that’s all. I’m just walking around now as things close. I got this really cool backpack full of all types of things from Southwestern Seminary, and I’ve also met Paul and Gena Suarez from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I can’t wait to go to sleep.

Hopefully you can make out the live blogging. What I’ll hopefully do is grab the best portions of this post, and make a more legible post where you can read both the thoughts of the speakers and my thoughts.

Life Without Parole

David Ludwig has now recieved that very sentence for killing his “girlfriend’s” father in mother in cold blood a few months ago. I covered this story closely. I pray that the report that Kara (the girlfriend), is now living with her siblings in another state and will be able to be given the chance to “ecapture her teenage years.” My heart goes out to all involved in this horrible event.

Judge David Ashworth, at the close of the proceeding, told Ludwig that his “selfish” acts that day had destroyed not only two lives, but Ludwig’s own and those of the victims’ families, “and nothing you can do or say will ever change that.”

And he should have been given the death sentence. Anyone who murders another human being should be killed himself – and to think that this teen killed two, both in cold blood. It’s sickening. Pray hard for this broken situation.

Press Release

Agent Tim Online readers:

Most of you are probably aware that yesterday was Wednesday, the scheduled time for live-blogging the SBCHEA Summit meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina featuring speakers such as Dr. Russel Moore and Nathan Finn. As most readers can probably tell, this live-blogging session did not appear on the Agent Tim Online website at any time during Wednesday.

Many issues arose prohibiting Tim from live-blogging the sessions, including no access to internet, a vital aspect of live-blogging. But for those who are still interested, the session was blogged, and will be recapped tomorrow. This recap-blogging details the events of Wednesday, and includes summaries and thoughts from Agent Tim.

Again, we regret that this live-blogging was hindered, but we thank God that He has still provided a way to revisit the sessions for those who not only missed the meeting, but also for those who wish to review that they heard.

In Christ,
Tim Sweetman and Agent Tim Online staff

Quick Morning Thoughts

Things are going to be quite interesting today to say the least. I and many others are expecting some unexpected things to come up tomorrow. What they are, I’m not completely sure of. I know there are many things that will come up that will stir things up. But through everything, I really believe that the leadership of this group of believers wants the focus to be not only on business, but on the main thing, and that is the gospel. The gospel is so important to this convention, and without a focus on the main thing, we would be nothing.

I’m looking forward to today, to everything, whether it be the irony going on outside of the meetings, or the speeches of some great men. Through it all, I must keep the main thing the main thing.

Speaking of that, Tony Evans gave such a great push to all believers last evening to go and share the gospel. Make sure you get a hold of that tape, whether you’re Southern Baptist or not. Fantastic material.

Also, before I left last evening I met Steve McCoy and Joe Thorn.


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    For all of you who have commented and fired emails pertaining to the Mohler/Patterson debate, I will get back to you as soon as possible. I really appreciate you taking the time to read, and hope that while there isn’t any updates that you will browse through the archives located on the sidebar.