That Has To Hurt

I’ve gotten numerous emails about this news story of a man getting robbed by two teenage girls he met on, you guessed it, MySpace. But we have to remember, the problems are not just bad kids and lousy parenting. Although those are huge issues, MySpace provides an ideal place for these types of things to occur. I’ve been asked by … Read More

MySpace is No Place for Your Place

If you haven’t caught on to the MySpace issue, then you’ve been living under a rock at the bottom of the ocean. Just check out this post I covered earlier this year to fully understand the issues I have with MySpace. The bottom line for me: no one should have a MySpace. Sorry, but it’s just trash. You can take … Read More

The Answer To the Question

That’s right – I’m answering your questions about basically anything. Maybe it’s something about the Southern Baptist Convention, homeschooling, school, something about me, how to blog, a decision you’re making, my beliefs, theology, Regenerate Our Culture. Whatever it is, you need to call 206-888-4STR and say “Hi Tim, this is [insert your name]. I just wanted to ask about….” and … Read More

Them Bloggin’ Boys

Dr. Bobby Welch really shouldn’t mess with bloggers. Welch said he’d been wondering about Southern Baptists and that if “we’d spend less time on these websites that we’d be able to spend more time witnessing? “Do you think if we spent less time blogging we might have more time to do some baptizing? “Do you think if we spent less … Read More

SBCHEA Live Recap Blogging

No live internet guys. I’m really, really sorry, but I just couldn’t find or hook up to any internet. The meeting has started, and Elizabeth Watkins is introducing her family and the sponsors. Following this introduction, there will be a invocation prayer by T.C. Pinckney, who is sitting close by. Soon after this the Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools … Read More

Life Without Parole

David Ludwig has now recieved that very sentence for killing his “girlfriend’s” father in mother in cold blood a few months ago. I covered this story closely. I pray that the report that Kara (the girlfriend), is now living with her siblings in another state and will be able to be given the chance to “ecapture her teenage years.” My … Read More

Press Release

Agent Tim Online readers: Most of you are probably aware that yesterday was Wednesday, the scheduled time for live-blogging the SBCHEA Summit meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina featuring speakers such as Dr. Russel Moore and Nathan Finn. As most readers can probably tell, this live-blogging session did not appear on the Agent Tim Online website at any time during Wednesday. … Read More


Kevin Bussey is blogging some great stuff. I’m wiped out and heading to bed. I’ll have more tomorrow.

Quick Morning Thoughts

Things are going to be quite interesting today to say the least. I and many others are expecting some unexpected things to come up tomorrow. What they are, I’m not completely sure of. I know there are many things that will come up that will stir things up. But through everything, I really believe that the leadership of this group … Read More

Monday, 4:35 PM

Just got out of a Executive Committee meeting, which was long yet exciting. Met Marty Duren directly afterward, and should be heading down to eat dinner as soon as possible. I found out that Wifi at the Coliseum is $89.00. Not happening! For all of you who have commented and fired emails pertaining to the Mohler/Patterson debate, I will get … Read More