That Has To Hurt

I’ve gotten numerous emails about this news story of a man getting robbed by two teenage girls he met on, you guessed it, MySpace. But we have to remember, the problems are not just bad kids and lousy parenting. Although those are huge issues, MySpace provides an ideal place for these types of things to occur.

I’ve been asked by Regenerate Our Culture’s magazine to write an “op-ed” on MySpace. I have a feeling I’m going to call it “Playing With Fire.” I think you will all find it quite interesting.

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  1. Palmboy says:

    I almost emailed you that story, but I thought better of it.
    I’ll wait to argue about myspace until the article is put on on ROC.

  2. Brandon says:

    *makes a face* – I really think you’re over-reacting a little on MySpace here. It’s not MySpace that is the problem, but what people are doing with it. I think of it the same way as you do with guns. It’s not guns that are killing people, it’s the person pulling the trigger. Just the same, it’s not MySpace that is the problem, it’s what is being put on it.

    Your thoughts?

  3. Pastor Josh says:

    The thing is with My Space is that to many teenagers get to involved in there My Spaces. They get to personal with total strangers. Talking about things that they shouldn’t be talking about to strangers, and then meeting up with them. It is a parent’s responsibility to be governing what the child is doing on the internet. The thing is that if a teenager has a fight with there parents and then they go to My Space and they have a conversation with someone that says the right things. The teenager is going to get deeper and deeper with that individual. That’s the what’s wrong with My Space. I tell all my teenagers not to even bother with it.

  4. Derek says:

    My feeling is that, while Tim’s basic points about MySpace are accurate, the issue has been done to death. Everyone reading this blog either agrees with Tim or disagrees with Tim, but even those who disagree agree that MySpace can be a dangerous place, and one has to be extremely careful and responsible about it. People who haven’t realized that by now aren’t going to realize or change their minds about MySpace until it’s too late.

    So basically, at this point it’s preaching to the choir.

  5. Britt says:

    Hey, I’ll be very interested to read what you have to say about it. I think I’d like to keep something like that on hand myself to share with others. Thanks for taking an informed stand for what it right!

  6. MInTheGap says:

    MySpace certainly doesn’t seem to have a very good handle on what it allows– but that’s just like a lot of new web services that are out there that have a hard time policing their sites. Flickr can have a tendancy to have bad photos. Technorati has junk– it just goes on and on.

    However, MySpace is getting a rather bad reputation, and may be good to avoid just because of that!

  7. peter youngdle says:

    myspace is kinda like a car (in my opinion), in myspace, you can cannect with people and talk to strangers and friend and stuff,
    in a car, you can drive to new places and meet now people, and hang out with friends.
    in response to your last couple of posts,
    should we get mad at cars, for bringing people into precarious situations?
    myspace is just as much to blame as a car is to blame for getting kids into trouble.
    i agree with you on the retarded adds, i dont like having to see those as i log into myspace,
    but cars can bring to to bad things to….
    one of you arguments might be “but children cannot drive, so they dont have to deal with this” for kids who cannot drive yet. i think they are at an age that there parents should keep an eye on what they do on the net and stuff ( i can not drive yet, and thats what my parents do.)

    myspace can be a dangerouse place, and i think you should have to be be mature enough to… not do stupid things on it. id write more stuff, but i dont wanna make the post way long… it already is.

    I enjoy reading your blogs, and i think everyone is entilteld to there convictions. and opinions.
    i hope i dont come off as a jerk in the post, im not trying to be


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