The Answer To the Question

That’s right – I’m answering your questions about basically anything. Maybe it’s something about the Southern Baptist Convention, homeschooling, school, something about me, how to blog, a decision you’re making, my beliefs, theology, Regenerate Our Culture. Whatever it is, you need to call 206-888-4STR and say “Hi Tim, this is [insert your name]. I just wanted to ask about….” and start asking. I’ll be answering all of your questions as soon as possible on a special Square Talk Podcast. What I need you to do is call either today or tomorrow so I can begin answering and you can listen to the show!

Remember, 206-888-4STR . Call now so we can revive Square Talk!

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  1. Palmboy says:

    Hey, does this mean the RSS feed is coming back as well?

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